Luvme Hair Wigs Give You Perfectly Styled Tresses With Minimal Effort

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If you want to "make beauty easy," look no further than Luvme Hair, whose tagline highlights the company's core mission: bringing easy-to-style and install wigs to women of all ages and backgrounds. Oh, and its tagline "Switching It Up Is Everything," goes beyond just a slogan; it directly reflects the brand's diverse range of products (and we'll dive into that later).


To accomplish its mission, Luvme Hair promises customers that each wig is crafted in line with the latest fashion trends, designed for lasting glamour, comfort, and a natural look. Moreover, the brand proudly asserts that you'll even "forget you're wearing one" because its wigs are so lifelike, comfortable, and beautiful.

If that sounds like the ideal wig performance for you, you're not alone. Luvme Hair's founder, Helena Lee, wanted something better for herself and others when founding the brand in 2014 — five years after first entering the wig-selling industry. This decision came about because the market was flooded with badly made wigs that cost way too much back then. Fast forward to 2023, and Luvme Hair has been consistently selling top-notch wigs and, importantly to the brand, forming relationships with its customers for nearly a decade. This staying power is directly tied to the brand's innovative approach to wigs, its dedication to customer relations, and its truly showstopping product lineup.


Luvme Hair is 'passionate about empowering women'

Compared to other wig companies on the market, Luvme Hair offers excellent value for money. Its wig lasts a long time thanks to its impeccable quality, and with most units costing between $100 and $250, purchasing one is a small investment that guarantees satisfaction. Helena Lee takes consumers' business seriously, with her writing on the brand's site, "Every sister deserves [an] excellent wig & service that she bought with hard-earned money, not [a] terrible wig!" What's more, since the wigs are easily styled, you can rock the wigs in numerous ways, making them even more cost-effective.


In addition to investing in your style, you can invest in your self-esteem when you order a wig from Luvme Hair. The brand's commitment to high quality ensures that you don't have to worry about the wig being patchy, slipping down, or any other issues; you can feel your best from the moment you put it on. This is important to the brand, which emphasizes on its About Us page that it's "passionate about empowering women" — rather than just making a quick profit. Besides feeling more confident physically, who wouldn't love ordering a high-quality item, unboxing it, and trying it on?

Luvme Hair is actively building a community online

Part of empowering women is providing options that fit every woman (and help them channel their inner Chaka Khan). As such, Luvme Hair offers a variety of lace sizes, partings, styles, and textures. And no worries if you're new to installing and wearing wigs — the brand has glueless wigs for first-time buyers. Essentially, there's never been an easier time to build your personal wig collection.


Another way Luvme Hair works to uplift women of all backgrounds is by supporting women who have experienced hair loss or hair-related health challenges. As our hair is often one of the first things noticed by others, how we feel about it can directly impact our mood. Luvme Hair wants everyone to feel beautiful, confident, and empowered in their own skin, leaving no one behind in their mission.

This effort is reflected in its imagery. Luvme Hair's website is full of women not only looking beautiful in their wigs but also radiating happiness — their joy is tangible. On Instagram, the brand's content displays even more joy thanks to relatable videos of women trying on wigs, styling their wigs, attending hairstylist appointments, and more. Through its social media, it's clear that Luvme Hair, with its vast community of over 730,000 followers, is building a true community, not just selling wigs.


Our top Luvme Hair wig picks (from everyday glam to Y2K realness)

What's clear at this point is that Luvme Hair's products are high-quality, comfortable, durable, and easily styled, installed, and stored. From curly wigs to HD lace wigs, you may still be wondering which products from the brand's catalog you should try. 


If this is you, look no further than the best-selling Elegant Brown Ombré Loose Wave Minimalist HD Lace Glueless Short Wig, which typically retails for $149.90 but is on sale for $110.93 at the time of writing. This human-hair wig has been ordered over 17,000 times and boasts a 4.99-star rating. Plus, it's a classic design that serves the perfect balance of brunette and black hair and comes in three lengths (10 inches, 12 inches, and 14 inches). You can't go wrong with this one.

For a new arrival, we recommend the Purple Highlights Glueless 5x5 Closure HD Lace Bob Wig ($199.90). Bobs have been incredibly trendy over the last year, and that trend isn't dying any time soon. This unit can go from day to night in a heartbeat, with its purple highlights offering the perfect flirtiness and flair. Like our best-seller pick, this wig comes in multiple sizes (10 inches and 12 inches), so your face-framing bob can live up to its name.


For those who adore long hair, consider the Chestnut Brown Highlights Bohemian Curly 5×5 Closure Lace Glueless Mid Part Long Wig, which normally retails for $209.90 but is on sale for $155.33 at the time of writing. This human-hair option offers greater length, available from 16 inches to 24 inches. This wig serves serious Y2K realness with its stunning crimping, evoking early-career Shakira. What's not to love? That's beauty made easy, baby.