Peplum Is Getting A Modern Makeover For 2023/2024 — Our Styling Tips

Don't freak out, but it's true. The peplum is back. Yep. That extra piece of flouncy material so many of us rocked back in the 2010s has made its way back into our wardrobes once again. And, we have to admit, we're not exactly hating it. The notorious peplum has been spotted all over some of the biggest runways in the fashion world throughout 2023, with the likes of massive fashion houses Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood sending pretty peplum outfits out for their shows. 

"The old adage that nothing is new and every look gets recycled seems to be holding true," fashion historian and museum curator Michelle Tolini Finamore explained of the unexpected fashion comeback to Marie Clarie. "So much of the return to vintage style is rooted in nostalgia, and perhaps the 2010s already feel like a much simpler time."

But that doesn't necessarily mean you should immediately reach into the back of your wardrobe and pull out the same peplum top you used to rock with platform heels, shiny leggings, and an oversized chunky costume jewelry necklace. Because we're doing the peplum a little different this time around. And that means the classic peplum top with skinny jeans or leggings could have you looking a little dated. But don't worry! Because we're telling you exactly how to style your peplum for 2023 into 2024.

Try a peplum dress

Back in the 2010s, it was all about the peplum top. Now, for winter 2023/2024, it's also about the peplum dress. As this look proves, a peplum on a bodycon midi dress can be oh-so-sophisticated and add a little extra something to an otherwise simpler silhouette. A big peplum like this isn't for the faint-hearted, but if you're willing to throw yourself right back into the trend, why not embrace the mantra of bigger the better?

Or keep your peplum a little more understated for a chicer look

Not quite ready to fully embrace the peplum trend in all its glory just yet? That's totally fine, because there's a new twist on the old trend for you. Instead of going all out with a super dramatic peplum, try a softer one that grazes the hips for a more understated yet chic look. Merging the trend into a jacket is also another way to modernize the style in a chic way.

And remember baggy jeans are the 2023 twist on the look

Though the way to wear the peplum top in the 2010s was with skintight jeans or jeggings, the modern way to pair it with baggy denim. As proven here, baggier jeans with a simple top will give you a small dose of throwback but with a more modern edge. That's because wide-legged and balloon jeans are hot for 2023, and skinny jeans are officially out (though we've got to be honest, we still love them and won't be letting them go anytime soon).

While a peplum sweater and leather-look pants make a chic look, too

Not feeling jeans with your peplum top? Then why not try leather-look pants? Again, the way to keep this look current is to go for a baggier fit on the bottom rather than something skintight like a legging. Pairing roomier bottoms with a sweater peplum will keep you super cozy as the trend takes hold for the winter 2023/2024 season.

Or a peplum top with a cute blazer is a classic go-to

Another way to rock a peplum but with a more classic feel is to pair it with a neutral blazer. Adding a jacket over the top will help to balance out your peplum material for a more modern take on the style and also give you that extra layer of warmth. Just remember that to keep your silhouette seamless, you'll want to layer your blazer over a softer peplum that won't make your outerwear stick out.