Here's What Went Down With LoveSync After Shark Tank

If you're a longtime fan of "Shark Tank," you'll probably remember Season 11 when husband-and-wife team Ryan and Jennifer Cmich headed into the tank to pitch their risqué idea to the Sharks. The couple introduced the Sharks to their innovative invention, two buttons that couples can press whenever they're ready for a little intimate time. The idea involved each couple putting a button on their nightstand, pressing it to let the other know they were ready for some fun, and then waiting to see if they push their button back. All without having to experience the embarrassment of the other person having to tell them they're not in the mood. The product went viral online in 2019 after the couple began a Kickstarter campaign, which made over $21,000.

Speaking to Bounce Innovation Hub, Ryan described the invention as "the sexual communication app for couples," with Jennifer adding that the button was designed to make communication about sex easier. "We see what, like, the Tinder's of the world are actually creating. This environment of, it's so easy to find the next person. Why take the hard road and the challenge of making it work with who you're with when you can just swipe and find a new person? So we think we need to offer a counter to that," Ryan shared as to why the couple created their invention. But did the Sharks agree?

LoveSync didn't see success on Shark Tank

Ryan and Jennifer Cmich appeared on Season 11, Episode 11 of "Shark Tank," which aired in January 2020. They appeared on the ABC show looking for $100,000 in exchange for 10% of their business. But things didn't exactly go well. As the couple explained their idea (as a couple of actors laid in bed and created a typical situation the button could work in), they explained that they'd sold 400 units and made $25,000.

But Kevin O'Leary was one of the first Sharks to shut the product down by making it clear he didn't see the need for it. "I'm having a hard time with the basic premise ... Why don't you just talk to each other and say, 'Look, I want some sex. You in or out?'" Jennifer then hit back by claiming that the product would improve communication by making it quicker and more efficient. But that wasn't enough to convince the Sharks. Lori Greiner commented that she thought adding technology into that part of our lives wasn't necessary. "I see this as technology going too far," she told the couple and declared herself out. The Sharks continued to grill the couple on how much of a business plan they actually had and how they saw the business developing, with O'Leary, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John also dropping out. Just like Coffee Meets Bagel after "Shark Tank," they left without a deal.

Daymond John used LoveSync as a cautionary tale after Shark Tank

After LoveSync's appearance on "Shark Tank," Daymond John actually used Ryan Cmich and Jennifer Cmich as a cautionary tale as to why it's important to be very prepared before heading into the Tank. Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, the entrepreneur wrote, "#TakeawayFromTheTank: During a pitch you'll always be faced with challenges to your idea, criticism, and questions. Make sure you can communicate clearly or else you'll have a very hard time making the sale #LoveSync #SharkTank."

But the Cmichs didn't let that knockback stop them. In February 2020, the month after their "Shark Tank" appearance aired, the couple teamed up with Bounce software accelerator to create an app to go with the buttons they pitched on the show. Since teaming up with the business, they revealed to Bounce Innovation Hub that the app had been downloaded 8,000 times. Speaking to EAN in 2020 about their plans for the app, Jennifer explained, "We have pretty extensive plans for lots of new features that will be added over time." She added, "Once the app is live, we'll focus on prioritizing and implementing our new features that will help couples not only connect more, but also in more satisfying ways."

LoveSync is still in business as an app and bedside buttons

Wondering if LoveSync is still going? Well, it is! As of November 2023, LoveSync is still available as buttons and as an app on the App Store and via Google Play (where it's been downloaded more than 10,000 times). The button is available from LoveSync's official website, and is currently on sale for $89.99, with a $10 discount.

And it seems like Ryan Cmich and Jennifer Cmich don't have any bad blood with the "Shark Tank" Sharks as they continue on with their business, as they admitted in October 2022 they were surprised they even landed a slot on the show. Speaking to Joe Altieri on his "Lessons From The Tank" podcast, Ryan admitted [13:40], "We were shocked that they even considered us for the show given the context." Jennifer also opened up about the surprise they felt that their product didn't take off with the Sharks in a big way, admitting they believed everyone would love their product [14:50].

Ryan Cmich or Jennifer Cmich appear to have work priorities beyond LoveSync

Though LoveSync is still available to buy and download, it doesn't seem as though the product is Ryan Cmich or Jennifer Cmich's main focus right now. According to Ryan's LinkedIn page, he's been working as chief engineer and lead mechanical designer in consumer robotics at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. since 2021. As for Jennifer, her LinkedIn states that she's currently working as an operations manager at Avenues of Counseling and Mediation, LLC, a position she's held since 2015. Jennifer's page still lists her as the co-founder of LoveSync, though Ryan's page doesn't make any reference to his work on the "Shark Tank" featured business.

The couple also doesn't seem to be doing too much to promote LoveSync across its social media pages anymore. The product's Instagram and X accounts haven't been updated since June 2022, while the brand's Facebook page hasn't had an update since October 2022.