Our Favorite Ways To Wear Your Basic White Sweater This Winter

Most of us have got a plain white sweater tucked away somewhere in our wardrobes. They're great for when the weather turns a little chillier, and you can't go wrong with white during wintertime. There's a reason the term winter whites exists, right?

One of the reasons we love white sweaters for the winter is because they're just so versatile, yet still offer something a little different to the classic black sweater (which we also love, but it can get a little tired). And when we say this look is versatile, we really do mean it's versatile. From skirts and pants to jackets, there really are countless pieces you can put with a white sweater to create a fashion-forward look that still feels unique to you. And we've rounded up some of our very favorites to have you looking super stylish and cozy as the snow (maybe) starts to fall.

Pair your white sweater with on-trend cargo pants

There's no doubt that cargo pants saw quite the resurgence in 2023 (like it or not), and they're great for pairing with a white sweater and staying on trend at the same time. The best thing about putting them with such a light-colored top? You can rock them with any color of baggy bottoms. While cargo green may be the most popular, why not bring a pop of color with red bottoms or something blue?

Or with a sparkly skirt

Winter is as much about sparkle as it is about winter whites, so why not pair the two together? If you celebrate the Holidays, you may find your calendar pretty busy around the winter period with social gatherings. So, pairing your white sweater with a sparkly skirt like this one covered in sequins will give you the best of both worlds. Cozy and warm on the top, but glittery and party-ready on the bottom. A cute headband like this one will also help elevate your winter look that one bit further.

And a white sweater with blue jeans is a colder month staple

One of the ways you've probably seen the white sweater styled the most is with a classic pair of blue jeans. And there's a reason why. This look is totally effortless and timeless and can be dressed up or down depending on where you're heading. Heeled boots will add a little glam and warmth, while flat boots will allow you to keep on going all day without that dreaded foot pain. Equally, tucking the front into your bottoms but leaving the back untucked gives off an effortlessly chic vibe.

While shiny black pants make a great style-conscious pairing, too

Pleather pants are a great winter staple because, not only are they stylish and modern, but the right pair can also be super comfortable. If your white sweater is a little shorter, we'd recommend going for pants with a zipper and button. If your sweater is longer, you can probably get away with a pair more similar to leggings. Pairing the look with knee-high flat black boots will also keep you that little bit warmer and prepared for the colder weather.

You could even throw a denim jacket over your sweater

Feeling chilly but not quite ready for a big coat? Then try this look instead. This proves how you can easily pair your white sweater with a summer and autumn staple: the denim jacket. This will help keep your (potentially pricey) pieces in your wardrobe rotation much longer. What you do on your bottom half is up to you, but this look also proves how you can keep rocking white denim even into the winter months.

And a sweater with long boots and a skirt is a classic for the colder months

You've probably seen this look in, well, almost every teen movie ever ... and there's a reason for that. A cute white sweater with a skirt and long boots screams youth and style — but don't think you can't wear it if your high school years are a couple of decades behind you. This look really is for everyone, as there are ways to tailor it to what you feel comfortable with. Don't want to show quite so much leg? Lengthen your skirt and wear higher boots. Feeling a little more confident? Then throw on a mini skirt!

A white sweater with a long satin skirt can be timeless

If you're a fan of the sweater and skirt combo but maybe don't want to rock the short skirt and boots look, then a satin skirt may be for you instead. Satin skirts can be super flattering on so many people, and can be a great way to create a monochrome look in more muted colors (like the black look above) or bring a pop of color with something a little brighter. Getting your hands on a version that sits at your waist and folding your sweater under at the same point will also give you a tidier silhouette.

While a blazer and boots can elevate a white sweater

Another way to stay warm and chic in the winter months is to layer a blazer over your basic white sweater. You can literally wear any color you want (here's your chance to get creative!) but a more muted tone with light blue jeans is always a win as the weather starts to get chillier. For a super sophisticated look, a navy blue blazer also can't go amiss with a cozy white sweater.

A white sweater can easily make a dress winter appropriate

Who said you can't wear a sweater over a dress? This look proves exactly how to do it with your white knitted number. For the colder months, pair a longer dress in whatever color you like (though black is always a safe choice for a monochromatic look) and pair it with long black boots. You can even rock it with a pair of thick black tights and a winter coat for extra warmth on those colder days.

Or keep cozy in all knitted everything

Let's be honest. There's just no such thing as too much knitwear when it comes to winter. If you want to stay super comfy and cozy at the same time, team your basic white sweater with baggy knit pants and comfy fluffy boots to beat the cold and stay super comfortable all at the same time. This look is perfect for a day running errands when the weather just isn't on your side.