What Is Your Signature Sign In Astrology & How Do You Find It?

As any big astrology buff will tell you, there's far more to the practice than just your sign. There's your sun sign, moon sign, as well as the rising signs of all the 12 houses of the zodiac. And that's just the tip of it iceberg. The belief behind astrology is that the more we know about how the stars and planets affect us, the more we're able to understand ourselves. But sometimes, no matter what the zodiac might say, we don't feel fully aligned with our sign. Sometimes a Libra has overtly Aries energy or a Cancer has behavior that's often attributed to Scorpio. When this happens, it can feel like astrology is playing a trick on you. Or it could just be your signature sign.

"[Your signature sign] reveals the qualities and quirks of the zodiac sign you feel most connected with," astrologer Lauren Ash told Popsugar. "Your signature sign shows you things like your temperament, how you get along with people, the personality types you're most drawn to, and more."

In other words, it's another component in astrology that fleshes out who you are and the reasons behind your behavior. It's another answer to the questions you have about yourself and basically, what makes you tick.

How to find your signature sign

Although you don't have to be an expert in astrology to figure out your signature sign, it does require knowing more than just your zodiac sign and having access to your natal chart. Also known as your birth chart, this is the chart that shows exactly where the planets were the very minute you were born and how these things play a role in your past, your present, and what lies ahead of you. "Within the natal chart you can see personality, drives, fears, parental relationships, siblings, children, psychological patterns, and more on one sheet of paper," astrologer Janelle Belgrave told Refinery 29.

In order to use this chart to deduce your signature sign, you want to take the average of all the elements and modalities on it and see what is most paramount. For example, if you have predominately water and fixed signs in your chart, then your signature sign is Scorpio which could explain why you might have a lot of Scorpio traits despite being, say, a Capricorn, via Parade. But if you don't have your natal chart then, thanks to the Internet, there's a handy-dandy website that can figure out your signature sign for you. You just need the exact time and location of your birth so you can plug it into the calculator on Astro-Seek.com. However, it's worth noting that not everyone has a specific signature sign and that's not a bad thing. It just means that no one energy is more dominant than the rest in your chart.

How it works

Like anything in astrology, knowing what your signature sign is isn't necessarily going to make your life better, nor will it suddenly make you the most interesting person on the block. Okay, maybe the latter if you have a really eclectic combination. It's simply another facet that explains the "why" and "how" of who you are in relationship to the universe as well as the world around you. "Your zodiac signature is a great tool for optimizing your life path and getting to the core of what makes you happy," astrologer Lauren Ash told Popsugar. "It's just another lens to view your personality through." 

Knowing your signature sign can finally answer why you're so stubborn about some things despite being an Aquarius (perhaps you're Taurus dominant) or why you're obsessed with justice despite being a Gemini (you might be Libra dominant). It's when you know these things about yourself, as Ash points out, that you can take steps to ensure you're living your most authentic life and making decisions that are right for you and the journey ahead of you. You know, all that good stuff that makes people happy.