Weird Barbie Is The Easiest Last-Minute Costume For 2023

Never fear all you Barbiecore loves, because the Barbie obsession isn't over yet. Barbie costumes are one of the most popular for Halloween 2023 after a summer of all-pink everything brought on by "Barbie" the movie. But not everyone is veering towards the picture-perfect Margot Robbie version of the plastic fantastic doll. Especially when they're in a rush and want to do something a little different. If you're in a pinch for a pop culture Halloween costume this year, then "Weird Barbie" is your girl.


For those who haven't seen the movie yet (seriously, where have you been if this is the case), "Weird Barbie" is played by "Saturday Night Live" legend Kate McKinnon. Weird Barbie lives in an, erm, unique house overlooking Barbieland, and she helps Robbie's Stereotypical Barbie to make her way to the real world to realize her purpose. But she doesn't look like the other Barbies and has her own totally unique style that it's easier than you might think to replicate in a rush. Weird Barbie's makeup is far from perfect and her hair is all over the place (we're sure she won't mind us saying so). She also wears a dress that has drawing all over it, so the overall messiness of her look means nothing has to be too 'done.' Which is why she's the ideal costume for those last-minute Halloween party invites.


Draw or paint on a pink dress for a DIY Weird Barbie look

First thing's first. The outfit. One of the most important things to remember with the Weird Barbie look is that you don't have to exactly imitate Kate McKinnon's character from the movie. Putting your own spin on Weird Barbie will only make your last-minute Halloween costume even easier, so don't worry about getting that exact hot pink babydoll dress.


Of course, if you have time, there are plenty of replica babydoll dresses available for purchase at most big retailers, including Target, H & M, and Amazon. But when time is of the essence, an oversized pink shirt or old pink dress from the back of your wardrobe will do the trick. Then grab some colored Sharpies or paint and start scribbling to make it your own!

While any colorful knee-highs could do the trick

Moving on to "Weird Barbie's" footwear, this can easily be replicated too. In the movie, the character wears bright yellow snakeskin knee-high boots, but you don't necessarily need to spend on brand new shoes. Pulling on colorful, knee-high socks or any bright patterned long boots will give you the same mismatch vibe.


Equally, if you have long yellow socks on hand (hey, we've all found something unexpected in our drawers), there's a DIY option. To get a closer replica of the Weird Barbie movie look, take a Sharpie to them to create your own snakeskin print.

Weird Barbie's hair can be as messy as you like

One of the biggest reasons "Weird Barbie" is such as great last-minute Halloween costume is because it doesn't take a lot of beauty prep. Her hair is totally wild, which means you could literally step out with bedhead and pull off this look.


In the movie, "Weird Barbie's" hair has light pink and blue strands, which you can easily replicate using temporary hair chalk. She also has shorter hair, so if your hair's around the same length, grab random pieces and just pulling them upwards, setting them with hair gel or wax. For those with longer locks, grab a hairspray and flip your hair upside down, then, just spray! Flip your hair back and, viola, wild "Weird Barbie" hair.

Use eyeliner and lipliner for Weird Barbie's makeup

Not only is Weird Barbie's hair not perfect, but her makeup is far from it too. To get this look, you can have as heavier hand as you like — it'll only add to the finished look! Kate McKinnon's character has traditionally defined eyes, so we'd recommend applying black eyeliner as you normally would around the eye, smudging it out slightly on the lower lashline. But then you can have a little fun.


Weird Barbie has a (less than perfect) circle around her right eye, which you can easily draw using a black eyeliner pencil. She also has a pink squiggle and a blue squiggle across her forehead, which you can copy using a lipliner and a blue eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow.

Don't forget Weird Barbie's accessories!

Potentially the most simple part of Weird Barbie's costume? Her accessories. Though she doesn't have a whole lot going on in terms of jewlery, there's an important scene in the movie where she explains to Stereotypical Barbie what's been going on. She encourages her to choose between her current life (represented by a pink stiletto) or going to the real world (represented by a brown sandal).


To nail your look, head to the party carrying a heel (pink is best, but any color will work in a hurry) in one hand and a sandal in the other. And... you're done! See, we told you a simple approach to Weird Barbie would be kenough.