What Your Dreams About Being BFF's With Celebrities Really Mean

Our dreams can take us to magical places and introduce us to interesting people. Some of those interesting people have been completely made up by our brains, while others are the celebrities we read about when we're awake. In some cases, we wake up and realize a celebrity didn't just have a walk-on in our dream, but was our best friend. Which begs the question: what does it mean if you're BFF with Jennifer Coolidge in your dreams?


Although why we dream still doesn't have a concrete answer from scientists, what dreams really mean runs the gamut. "The brain creates these unusual dream narratives so we have an experience that we react to," professor of psychology at the University of Montreal Antonio Zadra, Ph.D. told Women's Health. "Then it uses these feelings to make sense of the world around us ... it can lead to insights about what's on your mind, things you haven't thought about or given enough attention to."

So, does having cocktails with Jennifer Coolidge mean you need to give her more attention? Maybe. Or it could have other meanings you haven't even considered yet.

You relate to them in some way

Our culture is celebrity-obsessed. Even if you're not a fan of celebrities and don't know the difference between Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, there's no escaping them. They're everywhere. It can get to a point where you start to believe that you really know the celebrity in question and not just their public persona. When this happens, you can feel like you have a lot in common with them — which you may or may not.


"Dreaming of befriending a celebrity can be a sign that you're trying to process unconscious thoughts about the parts of yourself that remind you of this celeb," mystical practitioner MaKayla McRae told Bustle. "This can be a great sign that you feel you're capable of embodying their ideal character traits and working toward that — even if it's not totally integrated yet."

Being best friends with Harry Styles could mean that you share the same taste in fashion or at least aspire to rock Gucci as hard as he does. On the other hand, being best friends with Michelle Obama could mean you have an interest in law and see yourself as an advocate for all things good in the world. It really depends on the celebrity and what you think you know about them.


You have a need to be appreciated

No matter the celebrity, there's a very good chance they have legions of fans and, of course, haters too. It's their status as a famous person that keeps them in the limelight, making their visibility impossible to ignore and therefore recognized for what they do. "If you're friends in the dream, whatever it is in that celebrity you like is something you like about yourself too," certified dream analyst and speaker Lauri Loewenberg told Harper's Bazaar. "It's something you want to be recognized for, too."


Naturally, these meanings aren't set in stone and are interpretations by dream analysts who have put puzzle pieces together to give us at least some understanding of what we see at night. Because we've yet to figure out why humans dream, what the dreams mean, if anything at all, is still up for debate. But if dreaming about Adele because you see things in her that you see in yourself inspires you to strive for that level of success and talent, then that's a good thing.