Pumpkin Spice Nail Ideas For An On-Theme Fall Manicure

It probably won't surprise you to hear that pumpkin spice nails are one of the hottest manicures for fall. Yep, as soon as September hits, it feels like pumpkin spice is absolutely everywhere — and even the nail salon isn't immune to the hype!

But the pumpkin-spice-and-all-things-nice look is about more than just painting your nails pumpkin orange. Instead of opting for the bright orange we're used to seeing in Halloween-themed manicures, this look is all about a much creamier burnt or light orange. That's because you're not really looking to make pumpkins, or even Jack-o'-lanterns, of your nails. Instead, it's more about emulating the delicious foaminess or the more muted orange look of a pumpkin spice coffee. 

After all, as Mazz Hanna, nail artist and CEO of Nailing Hollywood, put it to Vogue, "The only thing more comforting than a pumpkin spice latte is a perfectly manicured hand wrapped around it. I absolutely adore an orange nail for fall. It's a nice change from the expected darker shades that everyone is eager to transition to." We couldn't agree more. But how exactly do you get the perfect pumpkin spice nails? Well, let's give them pumpkin to talk about, because we've rounded up our very favorite manicure ideas for you.

Bring a little metallic into your look

This super autumnal nail look has us doing a double take. The burnt orange mixed with the brown looks just like our favorite pumpkin spice drink, while the addition of the brushed gold adds a subtle upgrade and a sophisticated twist. By keeping the colors separate and patchy over the neutral base, it perfectly mimics the last few sips of that seasonal coffee we've been waiting all year for.

Try something holographic for a little extra edge

Another way to upgrade your pumpkin spice nail look? A little holographic flair, of course! Not only will this add a little something extra to your manicure, but it will actually put you even more on trend than just opting for a burnt orange. "Playing with holographic touches on top of these fall colors will also be fun and on-trend this season," Mazz Hanna told Vogue. For a more subtle look, just add a sprinkling or one or two nails like this look.

Show us your fall rainbow

We know rainbows may be more associated with summer, but there's no reason you can't bring some fall colors into one. This fun look makes use of a light, foamy shade on the base (just like on your fall coffee), then layers other classic pumpkin spice colors over the top for a gorgeous fall design we just can't get enough of. While this manicure puts the nail art on three nails, how many you want to paint is all up to you.

Put your pumpkin spice hearts up

How adorable is this pumpkin spice-inspired nail art? For those who like to go a little more traditionally feminine when it comes to their manicures, this could be the one for you. Having the classic burnt orange shade only on two nails, while covering the others with hearts in different shades of orange, is a super creative way to put a twist on the trend. And it doesn't get much trendier than a creamy orange shade, burnt orange, and classic pumpkin shade combined. 

Or why not show off your curves?

Looking for something slightly more subtle that still packs a punch? Give this look a go! We love the way the curved orange lines are layered over a classic nude shade, as it really lets the colors have their moment without being too over the top. Neutral, clean nails are a major trend for fall 2023, so something like this will keep you on-trend in more ways than one. Plus, the pop of gold glitter will catch the light in a stunning way during your trips to the pumpkin patch.

Getting dotty is another chic fall look

If you're looking for a more obvious nod to the pumpkin spice color, this muted orange look could well be the one for you. The gorgeous wash of color is perfect for the season, as it almost perfectly matches the shade of a pumpkin spice latte. The polka dots layered over the top give the design a chic upgrade, and it's easier than you think to recreate. All you need is a nail dotting tool or even an open bobby pin and one or two other colors of your choice. If you really want to go all out with the pumpkin spice look, why not try other orange shades over the top?

Changing it up could be for you

A fan of changing up the color you have on each nail? If so, you'll probably love this gradient design. Instead of having multiple colors on each nail, this manicure is all about creating a gradient effect from the nail to the pinky finger, using different shades of orange on each one. We love the extra sparkle on the ring finger as an accent nail too, as it ups the glam of the whole look without any complicated extras.

Why not bring the glitter?

Do you love the glitter look? Who said you had to leave it in the summer? Not us! This manicure shows how you can incorporate an extra dollop of glitter onto your nails as the leaves start to fall. Layering a fall-inspired glitter shade (something on the gold or orange side is a safe bet to stick with the season's color palette) over a pumpkin spice shade will have you sparkling all the way into winter, when the glitter shades turn a little more festive. 

You could also give subtle a go

Another low-key pumpkin spice-inspired look, this simple yet super elegant manicure is oh-so chic. The creamy, neutral base shade makes us think of the frothy top of a pumpkin latte, while the light orange lines along the tip give us the perfect shot of pumpkin flavoring. But you don't have to stick with these colors. Why not make the base a burnt orange with light orange lines for a fresh take on the design?

Or marvel at a pumpkin spice marble

Marble nail art is a fabulous way to get that pumpkin spice look on your nails, because it looks so similar to a pumpkin flavor coffee getting its first stir. This manicure instantly makes us feel like we're getting our first hit of caffeine in the morning when the pumpkin spice mixes with the coffee beans in the mug. And it looks super chic and sophisticated at the same time. What a win!

Try frappe vibes!

Not really looking to do too much orange but still want than pumpkin spice look? Then do we have the look for you. As any pumpkin spice latte aficionado knows, they're not always as orange as you might think. Very often, pumpkin spice drinks can have a more yellow tint — especially if you just have a hint of the seasonal flavoring. That's why a manicure like this with a more muted orange-yellow tone could be ideal for you, as the light brown swirl over the tip adds that extra coffee-inspired element.