Matcha Latte Makeup Is Trending - Tips For Using Green In Your Beauty Routine

Okay, we hear you. You're probably thinking, "What in the world is matcha latte makeup?" Well, allow us to explain the new beverage-inspired trend that's been heating up beauty social media. If you're a TikTok beauty aficionado like us, you may have already heard about latte makeup — and matcha latte makeup is just a more colorful twist on this. Latte makeup has been a big hit on TikTok for a while now, and consists of more natural makeup tones all over the face. It's all about a healthy bronzed look, usually with a nude lip, that's a mix of both dewy and matte. As celebrity makeup artist Rebecca Restrepo put it to Real Simple, "Latte makeup is all about giving skin a beautiful, bronzed appearance, similar to the warm, delicious color of a latte."


As for the matcha twist? Well, that involves taking the latte trend, but adding a fun pop of vibrant green. The green most commonly comes in the form of a green eyeshadow but, if you're feeling bold, it can actually be placed anywhere on the face. And we have a few tips and tricks when it comes to the best ways to incorporate this unique color choice into your beauty routine.

Mid-tone greens should be your go-to for eyeshadow

When adding a pop of green on your eyes for the matcha latte makeup look, there are specific tones to choose. "Matcha latte makeup is focused on pastel to mid-tone shades of green surrounding the eyes," celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick told Byrdie. No doubt green eye makeup is the most subtle option (and therefore the easiest to pull off), which is why it can also be coupled with other makeup trends to make it more of a cohesive look. Murdick explained that the green eye makeup look can easily blend with fluffier brows, a super bronzed skin look, or lined lips with a heavy gloss. A green eyeshadow is going to look particularly stunning on you if you have hazel eyes.


To perfect the green eyeshadow look, you'll want to start with a good eyeshadow primer, not only to prevent creasing, but to really bring out the true pirgment of the shadow. Murdick recommended putting your most prominent green shade on the lid and then blending it out using a more neutral color in the crease, like taupe. You can then place a slightly different green shade on the lower lash line, while adding a shimmery shade in the corner of the eye.

Or try a green eyeliner or mascara for another fun twist on the matcha latte look

But it's not just eyeshadow you can play with to get this look. Why not slick on some green eyeliner? A matte green liquid liner can be a great, subtle way to add that dose of matcha to the latte look, while a metallic green liner can add a magical quality reminiscent of a fairy queen. You can wing it (literally) for a mystical cat eye effect, keep the eyeliner on your upper lid only for a more subtle pop of color, or put it in the waterline for something a little edgier. Because the matcha latte look is so modern, there's also room to experiment beyond the lashline and draw geometric shapes around the lid for something more fun.


There's also the option of colored mascara. If you don't want to be too out there, makeup artist Jared Lipscomb suggested to Bravo wearing your standard black or brown mascara on your top lashes and green on the bottom. But instead of applying it in the way you would normally, apply it vertically, almost as if you're painting each lash. That way, you're less likely to end up with a smudgy, clumpy, green mess. If you're a bit of a makeup novice looking to try this trend, Lipscomb explained it's one of the easiest ways to give it a go because most people who have used makeup before have at least some experience with applying mascara.

But green lipstick should be more customized

If you're looking to put a twist on the matcha latte makeup trend with green lips, then you'll want to personalize the look a little more than you would with your eyes. That's because green lips are so bold, it's important you tailor it to what suits you. So, instead of sticking to the rule that you need to go for a pastel or mid-tone green, you want to choose your lipstick shade based on your skin's undertone. As hair and makeup expert Sophia Porter told Brit+Co, if you have a cooler undertone, you'll want to stick to an emerald color, whereas those with warmer undertones will better suit an olive-toned lipstick shade.


But it's not all about the shade choice. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to green lipstick is that you need to prep the lips first. To avoid a crusty, dry green lip look, exfoliate the lips to remove any dead skin first and then hydrate them. "Use a scrub, remove unwanted flakes, apply a serum or a tiny bit of glycerin to the bare lips, let that sink in, and apply lip balm," Porter suggested.

Equally, remember that this look isn't about creating costume makeup, so when it comes to your other makeup, keep it simple. "Overdoing the eyes and cheeks can really offset the balance and create a very intense look that won't be flattering," Chris Lanston, a celebrity makeup artist, pointed out.


But don't forget about the cheeks!

It may not sound like the best idea, but trust us when we tell you there is a way to bring green makeup to your cheeks and not have it look too over the top. One of the more subtle ways to do it (without looking like you went a little too crazy on St. Patrick's Day) is to try a green highlighter. This will give you a understated glow with just a hint of soft green, perfect for the matcha latte look. In fact, green highlighter actually had a bit of a moment on TikTok back in 2022, when it seemed like every influencer was reaching for it. The reason why? As Melissa Murdick put it to Allure, "It feels fresher and brings a bit more personality to your look."


To avoid looking like you just stepped out of a stage production of "Wicked," we'd recommend going for something subtle and applying it more as a highlighter topper than on its own. That way, you're getting more of a tint and a glow than a full on green stripe across your cheek, which won't be the most flattering. Just remember too, a green highlighter is more likely to suit warmer skin tones than those with cooler, pinker undertones. That's because green and pink are opposite one another on the color wheel, so it will bring out the pink in pink undertones more, which could make your skin look more sore than glam.