6 Of Our Favorite Fragrances That Scream Fall

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Fall scents are an entirely different tone than that of spring and summer. With the cooler weather, brilliance of fall foliage, and sunset inching up earlier and earlier every day, we're instinctively seeking warmth and comfort. Chunky knits and hot tea becomes the recipe for a perfect Friday night, while the zest and adventurousness of the summer slips away in favor of softer lighting, snug socks, candles, baths, and warm interiors. The same energy applies to scents. During the summer, we were after energetic citrus and sexy florals that beckoned us to go outdoors. Fragrance was flirtatious and lively, making us think of peach fuzz and lemonade stands. 

While that's great for some time, in the fall, we want something totally different. We're on a quest for fragrances that are spicy, nutty, and warm. We want to be reminded of the earth and forests, spices like cinnamon, and the rich, decadent scent of vanilla. For instance, Emma Watson's collaboration with Lancôme's on their fragrance Trésor Midnight Rose is a great example of the successful pairing of earthy and floral. Whether on a budget or ready to splurge, our favorite fall scents have something for everyone. 

Count on Jo Malone for the perfect fall scent

Both the name and the pumpkin colored bottle conjure up images of fall. Jo Malone London has created a fall scent remniscent of fall baked goods with its Ginger Biscuit Cologne, which retails for $168. The fragrance is compared to the feeling of entering into a bakery in the middle of autumn. Prepare for notes of ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon swimming in rich, amber caramel. There are butter tones as well as the decadent nuttiness of hazelnut. To keep things from getting too sticky sweet, the fragrance is deepened with tonka bean, a legume that's aromatic, peppery, and woodsy. Frankly, the scent sounds good enough to drink.

Count on Boy Smells to make the perfect fall vanilla

You can't write a list of classic fall scents without including vanilla. It's universally popular, but it's anything but boring. Vanilla is such a tried and true scent, and a favorite during fall because of its warm, comforting aroma. And Boy Smells has created the perfect rich vanilla in their quintessential fragrance Vanilla Era, which retails for $98. Boy Smells offsets the heaviness of vanilla with deep, romantic middle notes of cashmere wood, beetroot, and the tantric Iso E Super. Black pepper makes for a pungent top note that exudes sophistication rather than sugary cupcake. 

Replica's Autumn Vibes lives up to its name

Maison Margiela's first fragrance brand, Replica, remains a best seller for a reason. The fragrances are designed to evoke memories and situate you in particular moods. This is certainly true of their perfect fall fragrance called Autumn Vibes, which is earthy and woody, and retails for $85. Its key scent notes are cardamom and cedarwood, with touches of moss and wild berries. If the heavy, sweet tones of vanilla aren't your thing, and you like the idea of warm, spiced aromas, then this fresh, crisp autumnal scent is worth exploring. The notes of balsam fir guides you into cooler months. It's a walk in a chilly forest as you head towards the fire.

Reach for Tom Ford's earthy scent Santal Blush

For a more decadent fragrance option, look to Tom Ford's luxurious Santal Blush, which retails for $185. The fragrance is described as woodsy and earthy, but with a smokier, spicier undertone. It achieves this thanks to lively top notes from cinnamon bark oil, Ylang-Ylang, and Australian sandalwood. The sandalwood gives the fragrance a smoldering, creaminess while the Ylang-Ylang gives Santal Blush it's signature spicy lure. Expect a long-lasting, high quality fragrance that pulls you deep into moody, autumn evenings. 

Woodsy tones in Phlur's Somebody Wood

With its cute name and minimal packaging, Phlur's Somebody Wood is an Eau de Parfum that's made for the fall. It's a warm, woodsy fragrance with key notes of sandalwood, amber, and musk. It's a very grown up scent. Robert Gaudelli, the perfumer for Somebody Wood, told Sephora about the creation of this signature scent. "This was about creating a beautiful juxtaposition of woods and musk—something for the everyday, but also slightly unexpected and intimate," Gaudelli explained. "The citrus top paired with spice makes it inviting and playful while the real signature takes hold in the back from the woods, musks, and touches of warmth for a more personal expression." It retails for $96.

Creamy cashmere offers the ultimate fall comfort

Fall is all about textures. We want more layers, more warmth, so we seek out the tactile feel of scratchy wools and seductive cashmere. When these tactile embraces are available in a fragrance, so much the better. Philosophy's Warm Cashmere Eau de Toilette scratches this itch, and at $50 a bottle, it's a much more affordable option in the arena of fall scents. Thanks to the key notes of tangerine, vanilla bean, and musk, the bottle is a perfect accessory to autumn days and the holidays. Wrap yourself up in liquid cashmere.