Why You May Want To Try Warming Your Face Roller Up Before Using It

Although the benefits of Gua Sha and rollers have been known for thousands of years, the ancient technique is new to the West — relatively speaking. When rolled across the face in an upward movement, rollers (made of jade or quartz) can make a visible difference in one's appearance, as well as helping to alleviate facial and neck pain. Those who use them regularly swear by the positive effects.

"The real benefit of jade rollers or facial massage is improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, so you look more glowing and less puffy," dermatologist Jennifer Chwalek, M.D. tells Glamour. "Marma point massage (or Ayurvedic massage), acupressure, or even gentle facial massage, when done correctly to your face, is known to help calm the mind and improve headaches, TMJ pain, sinus congestion, eye strain, and puffiness of the lower eyelids."

When it comes to using face rollers, most people will tell you that a chilled roller is best. The belief is that the cold temperature restricts the blood flow, which aids in pushing toxins out of the lymph nodes. But it turns out that a warmed face roller has its own set of benefits, too.

Benefits of using a warm roller

While there's no denying that a cool or cold roller can be beneficial, one that has been warmed can offer some other advantages. In fact, some experts say that per Chinese medicine, the roller actually should be warm. "In Chinese medicine, making sure your jade roller is warm/room temperature is the first step in your ritual," acupuncturist Maudie Evitt tells GoodtoKnow. "Warmth increases Qi and blood, which is essential for the intention of this practice."

But even those who don't partake in face rolling for ritualistic and meditative purposes will find benefits from using a warm roller. As esthetician Angel Caglia tells Net-A-Porter, a warm roller can open "the pores to infuse your serum more deeply into the skin." Of course, if you're going this route you'll want to make sure your roller is clean so excess bacteria doesn't join the serum. Rolling, in general, can shift bacteria on your face so you want to keep an invasion of the pores to a minimum.

How to correctly warm a jade roller

Now that you know the benefits, you're probably eager to heat up your roller as quickly as possible. Not so fast! For safety reasons, don't put your roller in the microwave — especially if it has a metal handle.

Instead, as doctor of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Paige Yang tells Shape, you can put the roller in warm water or simply warm it between your palms. But if you want the heat to linger, water is your best bet. "Dunk the roller head in hot water for 40 seconds, then dry before using," esthetician Angel Caglia tells Net-A-Porter. When the roller loses its heat, dunk it again and continue to do so until you finish your routine. Don't forget to wash it when your done, because the hot water isn't a substitute for a proper cleanse with soap.

Although there are many benefits to using face rollers — either warm or cold — keep in mind that, like anything, results vary. But if you go into each routine with an open mind as to what rolling or Gua Sha can do for you, you're more likely to be pleasantly surprised.