The Zodiac Signs That Have The Worst Luck

According to the always-quotable Ernest Hemingway, "You make your own luck." But while that may be true for the writer and his characters, some people believe that luck is something that happens to them. In other words, you're either lucky or unlucky, and that's just how it goes.


For those wanting to figure out their luckiness, a good place to start is by looking at your astrological sign. Like all things related to sun signs, your predisposition for luck just might be found in the stars or, more specifically, Jupiter. "If we were to have a spokesperson for luck in the chart, it would be the planet Jupiter, who is connected with fortune, expansion, prosperity, and bounty," astrologer and tarot reader Clarisse Monahan told Well + Good.

Because of this, where Jupiter resides in your natal chart can dictate the luck you'll have throughout your life. Of course, luck isn't something that's set in stone, and can change based on astrological shifts and energy. But if you have a zodiac sign that's not exactly known for luck, it might be worth being aware. You may not be able to give your luck a complete overhaul, but you can at least take steps to manage what comes your way.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Cancer, but you're a very unlucky sign. The reason for this can be explained by your somewhat emotional instability — something that can be a strength in some ways, but not so much in regard to luck. Cancers are notoriously sensitive and can easily absorb the energies around them, leading them to be highly affected by others, per Allure. As true empaths, Cancers feel so deeply that it can be somewhat problematic because they take on too much and struggle to let go of what ails them mentally and emotionally.


According to AbmeyerWood, it's in allowing themselves to be consumed by feelings that can cause depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts — all of which make Cancer vulnerable to bad luck. It's hard to have good luck when you're not able to see the good in things, because that energy reverberates throughout everything and ultimately makes bad luck a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

As a fixed sign, we tend to think that not much can rock Scorpio. They are, after all, the most hardcore of the signs thanks to their determination, bravery, and passion, per Mind Body Green. However, there is one thing that can throw Scorpio off its course and tumbling down a hole: Their constant run-in with bad luck.


Sadly for Scorpio, its ruling planet is Pluto, via Allure. Despite Pluto's smallness — it's not technically a planet, but a dwarf planet — it's a whole boatload of trouble. According to Shondaland, this seemingly innocent little guy represents death and destruction, just like the underworld god that it was named after. In fact, Pluto's darkness is so powerful that astrologers blame Pluto and its alignment with Saturn as the reason for COVID-19. Naturally, if your sign is ruled by such a bad dude, awful luck is going to follow.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

What's interesting about Aquarius is that although they're not known for being lucky, they have an aloofness that protects them from caring about luck either way. So, lucky them, at least in that regard. When you don't put an emphasis on luck, it can't really bother you if it tends to be bad. 


Ruled by Gemini in its fifth house, Aquarius' lack of commitment to one thing or another and the need to go through life without a care in the world is what contributes to this bad luck. It really comes down to letting the whole concept of luck roll off their back and chalking it up to a total lack of giving a darn, per Pure Wow. It's the inability to care that makes their luck just generally bad, because they can't wrap their brain around luck as a whole. In this way, even if they had a lucky streak, they probably wouldn't appreciate it. 

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You'd never know it from the outside, but Virgo is extremely unlucky. Although they definitely have their life together more so than a lot of signs in the astrological calendar, being practical and diligent in all things, they tend to worry too much about what they can't change. This worry can easily devolve into anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts about themselves and others, according to Zodiac Sign. It's a recipe for disaster.


It's this bad energy that can brew bad luck, and Virgo's relentless procrastination can have them missing out on things that are actually good for them. Virgo also goes through life believing they have bad luck which just exacerbates the whole luck issue, via AbmeyerWood. If only Virgo could get their anxiety under control, they might have a better chance at having at least bits of luck trickling their way from time to time.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

At their core, Capricorns are all about being serious, working hard, and believing in things that are tangible. In other words, luck isn't something they necessarily believe in, making it difficult to come by it organically, per AstroFame. There's also another factor at play with Capricorns, and that's their low self-esteem which can affect their confidence in decision-making or even putting themselves out there when it's absolutely necessary to do so. If you don't take a risk, things pass you by — good things — and that's where bad luck can enter the equation.


If you firmly believe that luck is something you make, then this list is null and void to you — also, lucky you! But if you've had a run of bad luck for the majority of your life, then your astrological sign and the personality traits that come with it might be playing a role. You may not be able to change your sign, but you can change how you handle bad luck when you stumble upon it.