We Seriously Cannot Get Enough Of The Mushroom Jewelry Trend

If you've been out and about lately and spotted a lot of mushroom jewelry, your eyes did not deceive you. In the last few years, mushroom jewelry has been popping up everywhere. Last summer, mushroom-inspired clothing was all the rage and more recently, Hailey Bieber was seen rocking 'shrooms too. We're definitely here for this mushroom trend. 


Mushrooms have played a major role in spirituality over time. The Aztecs and Mayans relied on mushrooms for their healing powers, as well as their hallucinogenic properties for celebrations. In the Eastern hemisphere, mushrooms symbolize good luck and new beginnings, per Shroomer. "Mushrooms encompass the meaning of life," Grecian fine jewelry designer Ileana Makri told TZR. "In this small organism you find the immensely complicated process of reproducing life itself, in the simplest way."

Silver, gold, beaded, or crocheted, there's no wrong way to work this bold jewelry into your wardrobe. You won't only be making a statement with your fungi looks, but invoking meaning at the same time — which is what a great piece of jewelry should do. 


Mushroom rings

Historically, wearing rings goes beyond just letting those around you know that you're engaged or married. Rings have also been worn to declare one's status in certain cultures, especially those in powerful leadership roles. For example, whether or not you prescribe to the ideas of Catholicism, one of the most famous rings in the world is the Fisherman's Ring that's been worn by popes on their right hand since the 13th century. Catholics from all over the world head to the Vatican in the hopes of getting to kiss this ring so as to pledge their allegiance and respect to the religion, per NPR. The ring is considered so powerful that it is destroyed upon the pope's death. 


While your mushroom ring may not have people chasing you down the street trying to kiss it, you'll still be wearing quite a statement piece. Choose a ring that's open and hugs your fingers, or stack those 'shroom rings loud and proud. Combine them with one of the many 2023 nail trends that have popped up this year, and you'll really have something magical on your hands.

Mushroom earrings

What's great about earrings is you can keep them small and dainty or go big and bold. When you take your earring game to the height of mushrooms, you're not just getting in on the trend, but protecting yourself too. "The mushroom — for me — represents an ancient knowledge," jewelry designer Nicolas Atkins told Vogue. "Something primordial. Communication in a language we will never understand. The pendant comes from a simple place: protection from miscommunications and bad trips!"


Although this isn't to suggest that anyone should go out and get some "magic mushrooms" because they'll be protected, it's worth noting that the properties in these mushrooms are being used to treat a myriad of mental health disorders. The psilocybin in hallucinogenic fungi are making major strides in helping people manage their depression and anxiety. In fact, this could — perhaps on a subconscious level — be contributing to why mushrooms are having such a big moment right now.

Mushroom necklaces

For some, mushrooms evoke a time of innocence and childhood, while for others it's a walk down memory lane to a time known as the 1970s. The '60s and '70s were rife with mushroom imagery due to the drugs that were being experimented with at the time, both in and out of CIA-funded studies. Apparently, it was a wild era for those who lived it, and being able to go back there via creating or wearing mushroom-inspired jewelry just hits differently. "For me, there is something quite nostalgic about them; it can go one of two ways, the '70s trippy route or the magical woodland creature direction, both of which fit quite nicely into the Fiorucci universe where anything goes," Fiorucci artistic director Daniel Fletcher told Refinery29.


Whether a long chain or snug up against the neck as a choker, there are a lot of ways to rock a mushroom necklace. You can go super playful like Dua Lipa, or opt for something more sophisticated like a platinum mushroom chain. 

Mushroom brooches

If the word "brooch" has you thinking about your grandmother, hold up. Brooches are for everyone, of all ages, and and of any generation. Also, really cool people wear brooches. Do we need to talk about the fact that Rihanna's red bodysuit for the Super Bowl halftime show included not one or two, but three brooches? Now think about how fantastic and on-trend you'd look with three mushroom brooches.


"I think at a time when we're experiencing such chaos and seeking 'wellness' in the face of it, mushrooms have become attractive because not only do they have health benefits for our bodies, but they're also mind-expanding," beauty editor Ella Riley-Adams told Vogue. "And they're beautiful to look at!" 

Now that we're seemingly on the other side of the dark days of Covid, wellness is on the rise. Some of us are getting back to nature in our self-care routines and that may be shining a light on mushrooms and why they deserve a place in fashion. 

Mushroom bracelets

According to WristCo, adorning bracelets have been around as far back as Ancient Egypt. It was about 5000 BCE when this type of jewelry became a fashionable accessory that everyone wanted to wear — no matter gender or age. Bracelets have been worn to ward off evil spirits and bad weather, to offer protection and healing, and of course to show platonic love as we see with friendship bracelets. Bracelets, in all their incarnations, are something that never goes out of style. 


As you head into fall and start thinking about what types of jewelry and accessories you'll be adding to your wardrobe, consider getting in on the mushroom trend. No matter your personality, whimsical or serious, child-like or mature, there's a piece of mushroom jewelry out there for you. You can even go so far as to find a bracelet or earrings made out of mushroom leather, so you can really double down on the style of the moment.