How Thinking Like A Marketer May Help Improve Your Online Dating Profile

Marketing strategies might just be able to help land your next date. While there's been no shortage of dating strategies in 2023 — like maximizing your time through date stacking or dating outside your type — using marketing practices to sell yourself might help you find the most efficient path to online dating. By definition, marketing strategies refer to a plan of action that can help promote and sell a product; In this case, the product is you. Thinking and dating like a marketer requires you to put your own identity in the driver's seat.


Thinking like a marketer will also help you ask more enticing questions, field impressive answers, and best identify your target(s). Since online dating comes with the nuances of meeting and talking to people you'd likely never run into otherwise, marketing strategies can help you get the most out of your dating apps and find appropriate matches. While not everyone needs a business-focused strategy to conquer the chaotic world of online dating, a large percentage of people find that dating apps promote negative experiences.

In a study done by SurveyMonkey, 56% of U.S. adults reported that their experiences on dating apps are predominantly negative, and that unfavorability is the most difficult when dating across age ranges. If that sounds like you, we got your back — while online dating isn't the end-all-be-all, finding new ways to tackle the pros and cons is always helpful. Let's get started.


Think like a business person

Before you start swiping, it's important to think and act like a business person. That starts with building your profile to achieve the most optimal results. According to Insider, switching out vague descriptions with more nuanced bios can maximize the number of matches you receive. For example, state something unique about yourself — like the time you backpacked through every European country — rather than a vague and general interest in dogs, food, going out, etc.


Additionally, engaging with your audience can easily catch someone's attention. Including a follow-up question to your profile answers gives your match something to initiate the conversation with, and that may be all you need for dating app success. Allow yourself to be picky about your efforts and who you match with, but open yourself up to vulnerability regardless. With that in mind, you're ready to start swiping.

Choose and use the right app

Choosing the best digital landscape for yourself is half the battle. Each dating app has its own number of pros and cons, like Bumble's rule that women message first or Hinge's intense algorithm. According to Mashable, the best dating app highly depends on what you want out of online dating. If you're looking for a safe and satisfying hook-up, Tinder is likely your best bet to meet people with similar intentions. If you're looking for a committed relationship, Hinge can help match you with your most compatible partner. If you're hoping for sex-positive casualness, opt for Feeld. For a perfect middle ground, especially if you're unsure about your relationship goals, go for Bumble.


Don't be afraid to ask questions, especially if you're new to the dating scene or didn't go to business school. A huge part of thinking like a marketer requires the curiosity, effort, and work ethic that sustains real-life success, which can be directly applied to dating. Once you've created a dating profile on the app of your choosing, be curious about what others are looking for, what conditions may look like for your specific partnership, and so on and so forth.

Know when it's not working

Business 101: Knowing when to walk away. Although it's never easy having negative experiences on dating apps, thinking like a marketer requires you to assess whether a relationship is working or not. It also means knowing when to stop reaching out, especially if you're not the one terminating the relationship. According to dating coach Hayley Quinn, it's best to follow the one-date rule while marketing ourselves. "If there's no follow-up by either party after a first date, what's implied is we just weren't feeling it enough to want to continue," she explained to Mashable. Terminating a relationship or continuing to reach out after several dates may lead to severely hurt feelings, and that's not ideal for anyone.


On the other hand, you may begin talking to someone who quickly disengages, which is a great signifier to keep swiping. Just because you're a curious and effective businesswoman doesn't mean everyone will acknowledge or even notice it — and that's okay! Follow traditional business communication skills by moving on and finding someone who can give you their time, effort, and curiosities, just as you do. You'll find the perfect match in no time.