5 Reasons The Two-Toned Mani Should Be On Your Radar

If you're the kind of person who's constantly torn between two colors at the salon, we've got you covered with the next big thing — two-toned manis. This type of nail design (also known as an "underside mani") paints both the top and bottom part of the nail so that no matter which direction you hold your hands, you see a color. Even if you always know which color you want (hats off to you!), two-toned manis are still the perfect way to elevate your look. They can add a pop of contrast to an otherwise plain manicure, giving you that extra little something you didn't know you were looking for.

Before we go further, a quick bit of advice: Unless you've got ultra-long nails, you'll want to use this trick with acrylics or press-ons. That way, you'll avoid making a mess of your fingertips and also have more surface area to show the underside color. This also applies to people with weak and brittle nails. Too many manicures can be one of the reasons your nails keep breaking, and the last thing you want to do is add to that. 

French with a twist

French manicures: classy, timeless, effortless. They're simple and sleek, meant to complement your look rather than define it. 

While that's all well and good, they can be a bit...dare we say, boring? If you're reeling in shock, you probably wouldn't like this mani. But if you're nodding along, you'll definitely want to try this out trick that turns your nails into red bottom shoes. An red underside mani can liven a typical French manicure, while still maintaining its classiness. In this case, your real nails can be used to achieve the look, but it's best to see a professional for precise painting. 

Color and chrome

In 2023, chrome manicures dominated social media. But if you're not quite ready to commit to all of your nails shining like a set of wheels, an underside mani with some colorful nails mixed in might do the trick. But you'll need to be strategic. Using two different (and, potentially, clashing) colors is not the way to go. Instead, whip out your color wheel and opt for colorful shades of chrome that complement each other. Pairing pink with purple will make you look like a cross between a cyborg and a Barbie. 

Cotton candy cow print

Yep, you heard that right: cotton candy cow print. If the name of the pattern didn't tip you off, this kind of two-tone manicure is great for those who love eye-catching, elaborate nail art. Since this is a busy pattern, you'll want to steer away from any extra designs on the top. Try matching the nail with one of the colors on the underside, like pink or blue. If you want to go a little wilder, alternate colors from nail to nail.

One rhinestone per nail

The underside design for this manicure is relatively simple, but is still oh-so-cute. Simply apply rhinestones to the underside with nail glue. The rhinestones and shimmery gold color are pretty easy to accomplish, while looking just as fun as their more intricate counterparts.

Cheetah print

This manicure takes the phrase "business in the front, party in the back" to a whole new level (and they look a lot cuter than mullets). With plain brown or black polish on top, and fun, glittery cheetah print on the bottom, this'll bring out your wild side in no time. Ultra-long nails will bring that extra attitude. To achieve the cheetah pattern, you can have it painted or, if you're on the go and want to do it yourself, shop for nail wrap designs.