What Are Cusp Signs In Astrology & Do They Mean Anything?

Our astrological signs in Western astrology are made up of 12 sections of equal degrees that total a 360-degree orbit, that the Earth travels in one year around the sun. There are distinct personality traits associated with each of those 12 sections, and for people born during a certain time — depending on where the sun was — that determines their star sign. Each of these degrees the Earth travels around the sun makes up a 24-hour day, and when the Earth travels 30 degrees, it's also 30 days. Each sign correlates with each of these twelve 30-degree/day sections. and where the sun was positioned when you were born becomes your primary sign. When someone is born toward the end of a sun cycle and in the early part of another, they might identify with a blend of traits for each of those signs. If you're one of these folks, you might consider yourself a cusp sign — a blend of two, adjacent signs. 

However, according to top astrologists, cusp signs are mere folklore. Just as a single moment in time can't ever happen again, when you arrived on this planet, your birth and the sun were both in very specific locations, and neither you nor the sun could have been in two places at once. Kyle Thomas, writer and astrologer, says that "astrology is not about guessing. Astrology is about being exact." 

Nevertheless, there are many people who feel the personality traits assigned to their primary sign aren't exactly them and identify as being on the cusp of a sun cycle. Even if cusp signs are a myth to astrologists, do they still mean anything? 

So you think you're a cusp sign

When you look up your horoscope for the day, do you read two signs? Maybe you relate more to the traits of those fabled cusps. Not every trait that is associated with each particular sun sign fits every personality. However, when it comes to astrology, your birth or natal chart is a more comprehensive picture of where the stars were when you were born. Rather than diving into the duality of your cusp nature, why not dig into your natal chart instead?

To find your astrology report, all you need to do is type, "birth chart" into your browser and answer the questions guided by online places like myastrology.com. You can also pay to have your chart created and interpreted by astrologers. If you don't think you have the time or inclination to go the extra lightyear to dive into your birth chart, have you considered learning more about your decan within your sign? (Do you know what a decan is?) 

Decans have their own set of personalities that are even more refined from the overall spectrum of traits within a sign. Astrologist and creator, Lauren Ash explained that decans are organized into three parts of a single sun sign. If you take the thirty days of a zodiac season, the first deacon is the first 10 days, the second is the next, and so on. So if you are a Pisces born March 8th and Pisces is delineated from February 19th to March 20th, you are in the 2nd decan of Pisces. These traits might be ones you consider more relatable, less time-consuming to discern, and have the benefit of what astrologers would consider a legitimate ideology.

Astrology as a wellness practice

Even though cusp signs are a bit of a myth, it doesn't mean the need for a more broad astrological identity is going to go away. Astrologers Ophira and Tali Edut of The AstroTwins believe that the practice of astrology is an important addition to any wellness routine. "The wellness movement has really expanded to include self-awareness tools like astrology." If you're interested in learning how to incorporate astrology as a part of your wellness practice, ask for recommendations from astrologers, read their reviews, and if you find someone you like, set an appointment for a consultation. Also, be patient and give yourself time. For some, finding the right astrologist can be as difficult as shopping around for a therapist or a doctor.

While your personal wellness routine isn't an exact science, many of the tools we use to better ourselves are founded on unwavering facts. Believe it or not, astrology is no different — There's no mistaking the sun and Earth's specific coordinates of one another. It's the interpretation of what that means that isn't precise, but the information can still be used as a healing art. With the rare exception of those with whom you might share birth charts, your natal chart and your astrological traits are as unique as you are. Your wellness practices can be the same. According to The AstroTwins, "There are more choices than ever now, so people can design their own wellness practice with this big buffet of options that unite inner and outer wellbeing."