Makeup Tricks That Will Highlight Your Eye Color For A Standout Stare

All too often, if you're anything like us, you probably don't think too much about what colors you're actually putting on your eyes. It feels natural to pick an eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara shade simply because it's a color you like or one that complements your ensemble. But it turns out these colors have more of an effect on our eyes than we might think. Yep, just like lipstick can work with or against your skin tone, different eye makeup shades will either make your eyes totally stand out — or bury them completely. "You'll be amazed how your eyes can transform with just a simple stroke of color," celebrity makeup artist Gina Brooke explained to Huda Beauty.


So, if you're looking to do your makeup in a way that will have your eyes really stand out, there are a few things you need to take into consideration first. And we're breaking them down for you.

How to make brown eyes pop

Those with brown eyes have a few options when it comes to highlighting their peepers. If you have brown eyes with more of a golden undertone, a gradient eyeshadow style will really bring out your stunning mixture of tones. "I love to really make the lightness pop with amber golds on the center lid, and darker bronze/espresso tones to contour the outer corners of the eye," celebrity makeup artist and Preface Cosmetics founder, Lynn Simpson, told MBGLifestyle, noting black eyeliner will also bring out your eyes. Brown eyeshadow is also a solid choice. If your eyes are on the light side, go for more chocolate shades. If your eyes are darker, caramel browns will be more for you.


But they're not the only shades our brown-eyed beauties can rock to make the eyes pop. Other eyeshadow colors that will give you a standout stare include grays, purples, and metallics, as these will really brighten your eyes. As for the latter, warm metal shades like golds and bronzes will help bring out all those stunning tones, creating a sparkle effect not only on your lid but in your eyes too!

If you're not a big fan of eyeshadow or liner though, you can also bring out your eye color with some fun colored mascara. Try slicking on something cool-toned like a violet. That will work to brighten your eyes and really bring extra attention to them.

Browns and golds also work well with blue eyes

When it comes to blue eyes, eyeshadows with red or orange tones (or undertones if you want to go more natural) will work to make your eyes pop. That's because they're opposite to blue on the color wheel, so colors like brown, copper, or gold really complement blue hues. Blue is also a great choice for blue eyes as it will complement and enhance your color. Another great tip is making use of brown eyeliner, particularly on the tightline (the line under your upper eyelashes), while brown or black mascara will also help to bring out the colors of your peepers.


But it's not all about eye makeup when it comes to standout blues. You should also think about covering any dark undereye circles. Dark circles can easily overpower and dull blue eyes instead of making them stand out, so stocking up on the concealer will create a great start for your eye makeup.

Just remember though, you don't have to go too over the top when it comes to baby blues. That's because they're one of the easiest eye colors to make stand out without a lot of effort. "A lot of times, less is more with blue eyes. Light eyes tend to easily contrast more so even a subtle hint of color will enhance rather than overpower," celebrity makeup artist and global head of artistry at Stila Cosmetics, Charlie Riddle, told Real Simple.


Hazel eyes can also bounce off different colors depending on the undertone

For those with hazel eyes, you're also going to want to keep your eyes' undertone in mind when it comes to your eye makeup. As makeup artist Tonya Riner told Marie Claire, "Hazel eyes are a combination of warm bronzes and cool greens, which means you have a range of eyeshadow options to play with."


In order to bring out any green undertones, reds and rose eyeshadows will be for you. But that doesn't mean you have to go full-on pink, which can be difficult to pull off. Instead, go for something with a warmer undertone that's more of a rosy pink. "They make my green-hazel eyes pop without looking too pink," Julia Marzovilla, e-commerce editor at Marie Claire shared of the shades. We'd recommend blue shadows to bring out the brown in hazel eyes, as well. If you'd prefer to play up the gold and amber shades, then purple makeup (which is having a bit of a moment) will do just that.

For those who aren't so interested in picking out one shade and want to bring out the hazel as a whole, celebrity makeup artist Mary Wiles has a few ideas there. "Using a complementary color, such as green, will make hazel eyes appear more hazel. It depends on how much green or brown is in the eyes, so play around with shades to see which works for you," she told Huda Beauty.


Green eyes can work with so many different makeup colors

Ready to make green eyes pop? Then you're in luck, because green eyes are super versatile when it comes to what makeup will make them stand out. Purples, reds, and coppers are all opposite green on the color wheel, so these will be some of your go-to shades when you want eyeshadows that will play up your eyes. As makeup artist Lindsay Kastuk told Ipsy, "Anything with a red undertone is fantastic. Red eyeshadows (if you're bold), red-based purples like maroon or burgundy, browns with a red undertone, or rose golds are great as well!"


Of course, not all green eyes are the same. For those with warmer-toned eyes (usually with specs of yellow, gold, or ambers), opt for a gold shimmery shadow or eyeliner because that will help bring out the gold and yellowy shades in your peepers. For those people who have green eyes with cooler undertones (such as a mix of blues or grays) a silver eyeshadow or liner will bring out those stunning hues. Makeup artist Christopher Trotman also had some suggestions for cool green-eyed stunners, telling Ipsy, "I always suggest going for blue or teal eyeshadow shades for a perfect way to make the eyes pop."

How to choose your makeup shades if you're not sure about your eye color

If your eye color can change depending on the lighting or you're a bit of a mixture of a few shades, there are a few more general ways to make your eyes pop too. One of the best ways to make your eyes really stand out is by placing a little highlighter on the inner corner of your eye. A light, shimmery eyeshadow is a great option, or a cheek highlighter will work just as well. "It brightens up your face, and the reflection will make your eyes sparkle," makeup artist Natasha Moore, founder of Natasha Moore Cosmetics, told MBGLifestyle.


We think another almost fool-proof way to work out the best makeup for your eye color is to pick the two shades that are most dominant and find out what shades are opposite on the color wheel. After all, as makeup artist Lauren Berlingeri explained to Ipsy, "If you're trying to pop an eye color, go across the color wheel and use color in the opposite direction." Once you've done that, try blending these two colors on your lid. Go for a lighter shade from the inner corner, and transition into a darker version of the other shade. If you're feeling extra bold, you could also try a pencil or liquid liner and get as close to your lash line so it will really contrast with your eyes.