20 Coordinate Tattoos To Connect You To A Special Place

Geographic coordinate tattoos are arguably one of the most powerful symbolic tattoos out there. They can remind you of home, a special trip, or the place you met a special someone. They can also remind you of somewhere you spent a lot of time with a lost loved one, the place your children were born, or the place you really learned who you are. There are so many different interpretations of this often-thoughtful ink idea — far too many to list here.

But while a coordinate tattoo can have multiple touching meanings, it can sometimes look a little too samey. The classic tattoo with longitude and latitude numbers in a line is absolutely gorgeous and extremely poignant for so many people, but it's not necessarily for everyone. Still, there are many ways you can turn the traditional idea on its head to make your ink more unique to you. Here are a few of our very favorite coordinate tattoo ideas to help you in your search for something super sentimental.

Bring the date into your coordinates

If your coordinate tattoo is linking you to a place where something significant happened on a specific day, why not incorporate that into your ink? This stunning coordinate tattoo has the traditional latitude and longitude numbers, but they're separated by the date in the middle. The additional line makes the design even more personal than just the coordinates. That makes this a great design choice for celebrating everything from weddings to births, or even a first meeting spot.

Coordinates can make stunning matching tattoos

Provided you've thought long and hard about getting a matching tattoo with someone, coordinate ink could be a great choice. This stunning design fits together perfectly to create a circle when both inks are placed side by side. But, equally, you don't need both halves to make it make sense. That's why we love it so much! Something like this would be perfect for couples who want to commemorate where they first met or got married, friends who want to remember a special vacation location, or family members who always want to feel connected to home — and each other.

You can also add imagery

You don't have to get too literal when it comes to adding an extra little something to remember a place. Another solid coordinate tattoo idea that's different from the standard could be a design like this one, which adds flowers representing the place. This particular set of coordinates takes us to a stunning town in Hawaii, with the state's native hibiscus flower surrounding it.

Remember that special place with an extra design

Who said coordinate tattoos should only feature numbers? Not us. If you want to celebrate a great vacation or the place you call home, having the numbers designed into a circle with something representing that place in the middle is a great idea. In this case, the place is Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with a simple windmill bringing a little extra nostalgia. If Paris, France, is on your mind, though, you could add the Eiffel Tower. Want to remember a special time in Sydney, Australia? Then why not add an outline of the Sydney Opera House? The possibilities are endless!

Change up the sizing to make things unique

We adore this gorgeous fine-line tattoo, which puts another spin on the idea of getting coordinates inked onto your skin. In this case, the north and west initials have been made extra large, with the numbers then placed along the sides. How fun and dainty is that? A design like this is ideal for anyone who may not be ready to get larger ink since something like this can be inked pretty small and placed almost anywhere on the body. It would also make a great (and subtle) behind-the-ear tattoo.

Incorporate your surroundings in a coordinate tattoo

Coordinates already make a tattoo super personal, but if there's a specific season or surroundings you associate with this place, inking those features will make it even more special. In this case, the coordinates lead to a beach house, tattoo studio @13moonstattoostudio revealed on Instagram. That's why the owner opted to add the gorgeous sunshine, waves, and swirls, which represent sunny days by the water. Adding the coordinates to the middle also demonstrates how the house will always be in the owner's heart.

Frame those coordinates

Another way to present your numbers is to frame them in a way that's unique to you. In this case, the coordinates have been placed inside a heart-shaped frame made up of stunning forget-me-not flowers. If you're looking to recreate this ink, it's totally customizable, which is one of the reasons we like it so much. You could have whatever shape frame you like, made of flowers that mean something to you.

Coordinates and a compass mix beautifully

Compasses are as much about direction as coordinates are, so it only makes sense to combine the two. This one is particularly poignant as it includes two sets of coordinates. One represents where the person was raised, and the other represents where they grew up. We think having the compass in the middle symbolizes the idea of moving forward with purpose, but always remembering the way back home.

Pay tribute to a late pet

How cute is this coordinate tattoo under a landscape? This gorgeous design depicts a hilly or mountainous setting with three figures walking along the peak. The tattoo also features an animal paw at the end, which could be a heartfelt and sentimental way of remembering a favorite walk or special place they used to go with their four-legged friend.

Remind yourself of home

We've seen a few designs incorporate images related to home with coordinate tattoos, but you can take that concept even further. This design proves just that, as it displays multiple hexagons featuring a different part of the location reflected by the coordinates. While this example focuses more on the outdoors with flowers, trees, and landscapes, you could pick anything at all that reminds you of the place you're memorializing to show it in more detail.

Follow your arrow with your ink

If your coordinate tattoo represents a place you moved to rather than home, combining it with an arrow may be the way to go (pun intended). This ink features an arrow making its way through the numbers as if it's pointing the way. Another way to make this design your own could be to have the coordinates of your place of birth on the first line, and then the coordinates of where life took you on the bottom.

Incorporate a globe into your coordinate ink

While coordinates lead us somewhere very specific, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to zero in on the location. In this stunning example, the coordinates have been wrapped around the top and bottom of a globe. It also makes use of several lines that intersect to pinpoint the exact place the tattoo's owner wants to remember. We also adore the incorporation of the date in Roman numerals across the axis, which keeps it from using too many numbers.

Show off love for your favorite state

If your coordinates link to a U.S. state, then a design like that puts the traditional on a much grander scale. An ultimate reminder of home, the numbers in this tattoo have been incorporated into the outline of California. That proves home really is where the heart is. This design can be done for any state, and could also be expanded to represent the shape of a country you hold close to your heart.

Feature the city skyline

For those with a love of the metropolitan, adding a line-work version of the skyline is a stunning way to memorialize a location. This example shows the iconic New York City skyline (complete with the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center) which really brings home the owner's love for the Big Apple. As long as your location has a few notable landmarks, you could use this design as a template for anywhere at all.

Keep things simple ... with a twist

If you're not looking for anything too elaborate when it comes to your coordinate tattoo, we'd recommend taking the traditional idea and putting a twist on it. In this case, that twist comes from swapping the traditional straight line for a super fun swirl. This way, you still get the sense of the more traditional version of the location-finding numbers, just in a more fun way.

Let your coordinates blossom

This floral tattoo shows how you can incorporate multiple coordinates into a single tattoo. We think this would be the perfect choice for anybody tattooing the coordinates of where their family members were born. For parents looking to immortalize where they welcomed their children, the eldest could be placed towards the root, before then growing tall to the newer buds at the top of the plant.

Where the heart is

We can't get enough of how simple yet effective this minimalist tattoo design is. Wrapping the coordinates in a circle around an adorable red heart is a neat yet somewhat modest way to make it clear that the place you're celebrating will always have a place in your heart. This one's ideal for anyone not looking to get anything too big or ornate, as it can be kept small and tucked away anywhere on the body.

Coordinates can be mystical too

This line work tattoo incorporates so many different designs, we don't even know where to start. In addition to the coordinates, it also features an arrow, the moon's phases, stars, and even the symbol for the Taurus zodiac sign. That makes it perfect for those who believe in the spiritual and want to represent that with ink. Ideal coordinate numbers for this one could represent a place or moment you think was fate and always meant to be, like the place you met your partner for the first time.

There are fun ways to incorporate paradise, as well

Looking to immortalize paradise? Then look no further than this innovative ink. This shows how you can actually incorporate coordinates into ink while still making it part of the design, rather than an addition to it. In this case, the numbers have been delicately placed in a curved line representing the trunk of a palm tree. This could be used for a special vacation spot — or home if you're lucky enough to live in the sunshine. If not, why not find your own fun way to include the numbers in a tree or plant that reminds you of your own special place?

Combine several memories in one

If you want your tattoo to celebrate multiple trips to a special place, something like this would be ideal. It features several icons representing special activities and place, including fishing and being in the great outdoors. This example leads us to a campground in Pennsylvania and is a memorial to someone in particular who loved that location, proving there really are so many meanings you can attach to coordinate ink.