Black Is The Color Of The Summer And We Have 15 Ways To Wear It In The Heat

When dressing for scorching summer weather, your first instinct may not be to grab a black garment. However, while there is data that suggests black may be a hot color to wear temperature-wise, black will always be a cool color style-wise, and you don't necessarily have to sacrifice style for function or comfort as far as we're concerned. With all the different styles out there, it's easy to find a black outfit that works for summer, even on hot, sunny days.


There are many ways to wear black in the summertime that are on-trend, no matter your style sensibilities. Choosing the right fabric can help to ensure that you stay comfortable on a hot day, even in black. Wearing an all-black outfit truly doesn't need to be stifling in these record-high summer temperatures. We'll show you how to rock an #allblackeverything look with pieces that can elevate your style and keep you feeling cool as a cucumber all summer long.

A black waistcoat can elevate a casual summer outfit

On a hot day, you might be compelled to wear a tank top to try and beat the heat — and rightfully so! Sometimes wearing as few layers as possible feels like the only way to avoid overheating in your outfit. However, if you'd like to elevate the tank top look without having to add a layer, you may want to opt for a waistcoat instead. They come in a range of fits and fabrics, and they make most outfits look instantly chic while maintaining the sleeveless top feel to keep cool. 


If you want to level up your sleek look, pair your waistcoat with a pair of tailored trousers or a long, tailored skirt for a suit in the summertime look that doesn't feel stiff or stuffy. Of course, shorts are always an option to pair with a waistcoat as well — it is summer after all!

A black slip dress is perfect for a summer outing

The slip dress, a part of the little black dress (LBD) family, has been on-trend for every season — and for good reason. A black slip dress is incredibly versatile because you can get them in different lengths and styles, making it a fashion staple, especially when your LBD accessory options are almost endless. 


The black slip dress is great because they're usually made in a satin or satin-like fabric, which instantly feels effortlessly glamorous, and is also a great lightweight fabric to embrace in the summertime. Just like the little black dress, you can dress this piece up or down. If you're dressing for a more casual occasion, you may want to opt for pairing the dress with sneakers. Add a mini bag or clutch with strappy sandals for a nighttime vibe. There are so many options for a black slip dress in the summertime that it may just become your go-to summer look.

Black linen is a breezy summer option

There's something about wearing linen in the summertime that really channels a vacation vibe, even if you're just hanging around in your neighborhood or going to work. Linen is a cooling fabric — it's very breathable since the way the fabric is woven lends itself to great air circulation, which is great for those hot summer months. With linen being one of the best fabrics to wear in warm weather, an all-black look in linen is an easy and stylish choice when you're too hot to think about putting a cute outfit together.


Whether you opt for a tiny linen top or billowy linen pants, you're sure to stay cool and comfortable. Of course, one of the keys to wearing linen all summer long is to make sure that you're keeping your linen pieces looking crisp and wrinkle-free, to maintain that relaxed yet put-together chic vibe that black linen outfits are so good at channeling.

Add a summer flair to you outfit with black swimwear

There have definitely been some summer days when it feels like the only clothing option to beat the heat is no clothes at all. However, as this isn't really a viable option, we've got to come up with an alternative solution. Enter: swimwear tops. 


With so many different styles to choose from and varying degrees of support, especially if you're fuller-chested, you're likely to find a top that works for you. Wearing a swimwear top is also an unexpectedly chic option when worn in black, because a black swim top, with its many different styles, can feel like a refreshing alternative to a black tank top. 

Of course, a black swim top also means you're prepared for a casual dip anytime. If you're feeling daring enough to wear your itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie bathing suit top beyond the beach or the pool, consider ways to prevent having a swimsuit disaster before you step out.

Bring the breeze with you in a voluminous black dress

For most people, summer dressing usually means maintaining a comfortable temperature when you're outside in the heat. By that logic, any outfit or garment that brings its own breeze factor is a win. If you're going to wear black this summer, you may want to choose a dress with some volume to help keep you cool, with fabric that mostly stays off of your body. 


Clingy fabrics can feel uncomfortable during the summer, especially if you're prone to sweat in warm weather. A voluminous black dress channels an airy summer dress, but in a chic and classic black, which adds to its versatility. This is great for minimalists or those who may be trying to create a summer capsule wardrobe, as you can easily transition this style of dress from one season to another without sacrificing your style or budget. 

Athleisure-like outfits in black always looks so comfy and chic

Sometimes it can feel difficult to want to get dressed up when you're likely to sweat or feel the heat no matter what you wear. So if you're going to sweat anyway, choosing an outfit that lends itself to sweat-inducing activities, like a workout, seems like an obvious choice. Athleisure wear is always comfortable, especially in the hot summer weather. 


Athleisure-like outfits also channel a chic and sporty vibe that is meant to look and feel effortless, especially in always-stylish black. When most people think of just throwing something on, they may think of loungewear pieces or workout gear, as they're typically easy and casual choices. Lean into that idea and turn up the style and glamour by mixing and matching your athletic wear with pieces like delicate and feminine blouses to create a unique summer look that's all your own.

Black crochet looks give your summer outfit an edgy vibe

Crochet isn't typically synonymous with fashion, but it is certainly having a moment right now. Bring this trending style into your summer wardrobe by choosing a crochet look in a modern silhouette, to add a youthful flair to a look that is more typically associated with sweaters and cardigans (two pieces that are decidedly not sought after when the weather is scorching). 


Choosing a crochet garment in black lends itself to a chic, monochromatic look as well, which is just another way to make this look more current and on-trend. A crochet look is also likely to be breathable, as the stitches can act as venting to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. And if you're feeling adventurous and creative, or perhaps you're looking to learn a new skill, you may even be able to create your own summer garments by crocheting them yourself!

Classic jeans and tank top looks better in all black

While it's easy to associate fashion and style with high glamour or the latest trends, it's also important to acknowledge the classic and timeless looks that people gravitate towards time and time again. A tank top and jeans is an iconic combination that works all year long and for many style sensibilities. 


Put a dark and chic twist on a classic by choosing a black hue for your denim and tank top. This look is not only classic, but it is also comfortable, as you can choose from a plethora of denim styles that are most flattering on your body. And whether you prefer your tank top fitted, cropped, low cut, or tucked into your jeans, it is a garment that is just as versatile as jeans, so you likely won't feel limited in your choices.

A black co-ord set adds glamour on a night out

There are few outfits that feel as simultaneously cool, effortless, and put together as a sophisticated, matching co-ord set. Of course, we are choosing a black co-ord set and they can also be incredibly versatile. If you would like to get the most out of your outfit, you may want to opt for a co-ord set with some unique details so that when you wear each piece as separates, they can still add some flair to whatever look you put together. 


Choosing a co-ord set for your summer look is also another way to take advantage of their versatility as you can continue to wear your outfit beyond the hot summer months. And remember, whatever your style, there is sure to be a co-ord set that works for you, so have fun when choosing your new summer set.

Maxi skirts are always a summer vibe, even in black

Skirts often come to mind as soon as warmer weather begins. However, with so many styles of skirts available, how can you choose just one? If you do choose just a single skirt style for this summer, you may want to consider the maxi skirt, a year-round contender that is an especially great piece for June, July, and August. 


A black maxi skirt is a great choice for most people, as it can work for many summer looks, from a casual day out to a hot night out on the town. And if you're someone who doesn't always like to show off your legs, a maxi skirt delivers the style without the exposure. To maximize the versatility of the maxi skirt, opt for a tailored fit in order to make sure that the piece works with casual pieces like graphic t-shirts, or perhaps a more dressed-up outfit with a waistcoat or a tailored strapless top. 

Black leather is an unexpected summer staple

When people use the phrase "leather weather," they are most likely referring to cooler weather, as leather is typically associated with jackets and other garments that are generally worn for warmth. Rarely does someone look at a scorching weather forecast and think, "I'm going to wear leather today!" 


However, leather isn't strictly an autumn or winter textile. Choosing a black leather piece — in this case, a black leather bustier — can add interest and detail to your outfit, as there are so many textures and types of leather to choose from. In addition, the juxtaposition of a heavy or structured textile like leather next to breezy cotton or silk can create a dynamic, monochromatic outfit that is perfect for any summer outing. If bustiers aren't your cup of tea, you may want to look for more typical summer pieces like shorts or a tank top, but in leather, to create a similar vibe with an unexpected twist.

Bold summer accessories are better in black

If you've already got a closet full of amazing summer outfits but are looking to create some versatility with the looks in your wardrobe rotation, choosing some key accessories can help give you even more outfit options. 


By choosing accessories like bags with interesting textures or big sandals — all in classic black, of course — you can have a new outfit every time you change up your accessories. Black can be a great neutral color to have for your accessories, since they are likely to coordinate with most of your looks, regardless of their color or pattern. It allows you to get the most use of that cute clutch you picked up. In addition to black purses and sandals, consider a bold pair of sunglasses or a straw hat (also in black), to add a chic summer vibe to all of your current looks.

A utilitarian look is still summer-worthy

Some may feel like cargo pants and skirts fall into the vintage category, but utilitarian style is back as a hot trend making its way throughout social media. Utilitarian looks lend themselves to comfort, as they are typically styled with oversized pieces, like cargo pants and skirts with a loose fit. While much of this trend does feature oversized silhouettes, though, you can still certainly channel this vibe with more form-fitting or tailored pieces. 


Veering away from colors like khaki and opting for black also adds to the "cool girl" vibe of this trend. To create even more interest with this look, you may want to combine something like oversized baggy cargo pants or a billowing skirt with a tailored or fitted top. Opting for a dressier sandal can also create a bit of a glam appeal to a potentially casual outfit.

Elevate the tube top trend with fun details — in black

A tube top can be a great shirt choice during the summer. It shows off a lot of skin, which can help to keep you cool or even ensure an even arm tan. However, tube tops can also feel like a simple choice, so when choosing a tube top to wear this summer, you may want to consider one with cool or bold detail, like this oversized bow. 


By wearing a black tube top with such a striking detail, you can easily elevate a simple summer outfit like a tube top and black jeans to something with a subtle, high-fashion element. You can also wear a tube top like this for a more dressy look by pairing it with a more formal pair of black trousers or a skirt to channel the vibe of a co-ord set.

A cutout element adds a flirty touch to a classic summer dress

When it comes to ventilation, a cutout element is the ultimate in cooling ventilation during the summer heat. There are many options for cutouts in garments, so when choosing a cutout that aligns with your style, consider a classic black dress with a cutout to make it feel like you're already wearing a complete outfit — albeit with a cool and unexpected detail as your built-in accessory.  


A strategically-placed cutout can not only create a cooling effect in the event of a summer breeze, but it can also channel a sexy vibe with the slivers of exposed skin peeking through. In order to maintain a chic and classic vibe, make sure that the cutouts in your clothing are minimal and that they add to the overall look of your outfit, rather than taking away from your look by being a distracting detail.