Skort Style Is Swinging Back Around And We Love The Fashion Fusion

Skorts are back on the scene for everyone, and they're arguably more fashionable than ever. Yep, we know, you might not have worn this combined skirt/shorts trend for a few years (or since the last time you played tennis), but now's the time to incorporate it back into your daily wardrobe. Hear us out — Not only will a good skort keep you that extra little bit more secure on a windy day (seriously, that look may have worked for Marilyn Monroe, but it doesn't for us), they can also be dressed up or down with ease depending on what the day may throw at you. Skorts are also super practical because they let you move around more freely than a traditional skirt, and some even come with hidden pockets to help you carry things like your phone or your keys without needing to grab a bulky bag.

Sold yet? Good! Because we're taking a look at five of our very favorite ways to style (from dressed up to dressed down and everything in between) skorts no matter the occasion.

Head to the office

Yep, it's true! You can style skorts in a way that lets you wear them to the office. A patterned black and white skort goes perfectly with a traditional white button-down, which we love tucked-in to really show off your shape. Keeping your accessories black and white as well really ties everything together and keeps it demure for work, but skorts inject a little fun into your day and can also be seen as more appropriate for the office than a skirt in the same length.

Do it in denim

We already know that denim shorts and denim skirts are total wardrobe staples in the summer, so why not combine the two and rock denim skorts? For a more every day look, go for a lighter denim and pair it with a casual top, such as an oversized t-shirt. For anyone who's ever worn a denim skirt, you'll probably know they can be a little restrictive, so opting for skorts instead will give you the same look with all the movement benefits of the classic denim shorts.

Skorts can straddle that line in between dressy and casual, too!

Heading out for an evening but don't want to dress up too much? You can style a skort for that too. A look like this really toes the line between dressing up and keeping things casual, as pairing a neutral skort in a breathable material with a black top and black heels shows you've put a little effort into your ensemble, but you still won't look overdressed if you head somewhere like the movie or a family restaurant.

Skorts aren't just for summer

Though you may think skorts are more of a summer staple, a la shorts and skirts, there are ways to make this piece of clothing work in the colder months or for those ever-divisive transitional dressing days. As you can see here, just grab one in a darker color like gray and pair it with knee-high boots to keep your legs a little more covered (a skort itself will also keep you warmer than a skirt). You can rock it with a jacket or coat, and adding a cozy scarf makes for cozy look. 

Go for cargo

Here at, we're all about combining trends to get the most bang for your buck. With that in mind, if you really want to be on-trend right now, we'd suggest getting your hands on a cargo skort. This concept combines the ever-growing-in-popularity cargo pants (which have made their way back in a big way) with skorts, offering you a more movable alternative to a skirt made out of the same material. Because it's a bit of a statement piece in its own right, you can easily rock this with something black or white on your top half (like a crop top, which is equally hot right now). Then just throw on some flats or heels, and you're good to go!