Feel Like You Need To Hit The Bathroom During Sex? It's Not Fun, But It's Totally Normal

Sex feels good and can be endlessly fun, but it's also inherently messy. Intercourse is often the amalgamation of various bodily fluids, some unintentional (think pre-cum, sweat, saliva, or blood, if you're having period sex), and some voluntary (ejaculation). Sometimes, although scary, post-sex bleeding happens, too.

We usually pay no mind to this assortment of secretions because they're a normal part of it all, and it's not really biologically possible to prevent your body from making certain emissions, regardless of what sort of sex you're having. But there may also be times when your body secretes juices without you willing them to. It can be pee, or it can be fecal matter, too. Some people find these excretions erotic and seek them out, like those who enjoy "golden showers." But if you don't find them sexually stimulating, you may feel alarmed when your body suddenly decides to spurt out of nowhere.

If peeing or pooping during sex doesn't float your boat, that's perfectly fine. But here's what you should know: it happens to a lot of people, and it usually isn't a cause for concern.

The urge to pee and orgasm can sometimes be tricky to differentiate

When you engage in sexual intercourse, the usual end goal is to feel intense pleasure and maybe achieve the "Big O." But sometimes, your body refuses to cooperate and denies you the satisfaction of seamlessly reaching climax. For people with vaginas, that could mean involuntary peeing.

But there's no need to fret, as experts note that it's totally normal. For one, Columbia University noted that it may be due to the close proximity of the clitoris and the urethra. Since they're only a few centimeters apart, you may find yourself stuck in a sex position where one of them can't be stimulated without affecting the other, resulting in your inability to distinguish whether you're feeling the urge to urinate or about to reach orgasm. Alternatively, accidentally peeing may also be because of your bladder getting repeatedly hit when doing the deed, so naturally, it will want to empty itself.

"The sensation of pressure on the bladder/urethra can increase pleasure and orgasm intensity for some vagina owners," Aleece Fosnight, a board-certified physician assistant at Aeroflow Urology explained to PopSugar. There's no need to sweat a little pee during sex, but if it's not something you really want spouting out of you, then you make sure to pee before getting down and dirty, or switch positions if you're starting to feel the need to rush to the bathroom.

But what about number 2?

Now, if you are not particularly into scat play, feces may not be as welcome in the bedroom between you and your partner. But again, even if you don't intend to make a BM during sex, it can still happen, especially if engaging in anal sex, or if your position pokes and prods your behind. "If a person has anal intercourse, there's a higher chance of stool loss, and it's possible as a result of vaginal intercourse due to the pressure put on the anal area and a full colon," Dr. Michael Tahery, a urogynecologist, shared with Women's Health.

Anal surgeon Dr. Evan Goldstein also explained to Slate that your brain might not have been previously trained to discern whether a strong orgasm is caused by vaginal or anal stimulation. If it ends up going with the latter, it tells your sphincter muscles to relax, which then leads to pooping, or at least feeling the need to defecate.

But if you really want to avoid sex-induced poop at all costs, experts suggest doing kegel exercises to strengthen control of your anal muscles, as well as eating fiber-rich foods to prevent loose stools. Otherwise, just let it be. S*** happens in the bedroom, whether you like it or not. You shouldn't let it affect your overall experience too much.