Our 20 Best Tips For How To Dress When It's Hot And Raining

The mercury is rising but the clouds are coming in. The breeze is still warm but the raindrops are breaking through ... what the heck are we supposed to wear in weather like this? It's easy to forget that, in a lot of places, heat comes with its fair share of summer rain, so if you're heading out for the day and don't want to be drenched in both sweat and rain when you get home again, it can be near impossible to know what to throw on. Sometimes it feels like your only option is to sweat it out in jeans and a raincoat (that usually matches with precisely nothing) or risk getting totally soaked and looking less than fabulous in all your snaps.

But never fear, because Women.com is here to help! We've compiled some of the very best outfit options for those weird interchangeable weather days that will keep you cool, dry, and stylish all at the same time. All you have to do is grab an umbrella!

A long t-shirt goes with everything

A baggy, oversized t-shirt can be a great option for a hot, sticky, yet rainy day, as it will keep you cool and casual but can easily be paired with footwear appropriate for the up-and-down weather. Depending on where you're heading, you could put some skimpy cycling shorts under a look like this (in case that summer breeze hits!) while pairing it with sneakers and socks to keep your feet nice and dry.

Pair a summer dress with sneakers

A floral summer dress has long been a staple for the summer months, but to make it appropriate for any summer showers, wear it with closed-toe pumps or sneakers to help keep you dry. For those super rainy days though where it's impossible to avoid a downpour, we'd recommend putting a blazer or a waterproof jacket over the top that you can then take off and dry if the clouds disperse.

Incorporate outerwear into your look

Preparing for rain but don't want to have the burden of carrying a jacket to keep you dry? Then why not incorporate your outerwear right into your look? Tying a jacket or hoodie that matches your outfit's color scheme around your waist will give you a backup option for when the clouds do eventually burst, and it'll also keep you looking super stylish at the same time.

Jump into a jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are very rarely a bad idea for a hot summer day — even when it's raining. For those wet days, throwing on a looser-fitting jumpsuit in a breathable fabric will ensure you can beat the heat and stay a little more covered in the rain at the same time. It's also ideal for throwing on a waterproof layer when you have no choice but to head out in the downpour, but we'd just recommend staying away from white to avoid it turning see-through.

Double denim

As we've told you, denim maxi skirts are having a bit of a moment right now, which is great because they're perfect for a hot rainy day. Denim will keep you that bit more shielded from the wet, but choosing one with a high slit will also give you some breathability. If you're not afraid to go for double denim (and why should you be?) pair it with a jacket in the same material and a cute crop top underneath. We'd recommend going for light blue or colored denim in the summer. When the rain hits, you can button it up, and if the sun should so happen to come back out, you can take it off to soak up the rays.

Get athletic

Athleisure gear is still having a bit of a moment, and it's a great choice for a sunny yet showery day when paired with a jacket. A waterproof layer will naturally keep you protected from the rain, while rocking shorts and a crop top will still give you the breathability you need on those muggy days. Sneakers will also not only keep you dry but they'll also allow you to maneuver a little better if you find yourself caught in the rain.

Take on a trench

Trench coats are ideal for a summer shower. They're lightweight, usually lighter in color, and they're going to keep you dry! Throwing a trench over your outfit is super stylish too, so it won't look like you've had to throw on any old coat that clashes with your outfit. When the rain's not too bad, you can keep it unbuttoned for a chic addition to your outfit. As for what to wear underneath? A white crop top and billowy pants are ideal for those hot yet wet days, as they'll cover enough skin to keep you drier but will also keep you cool, and this look is also an ideal heat-dodger when you're in the office.

Drape it

Another way to incorporate a jacket into your summer look without actually having to wear it is to drape it over your shoulders like a cape. Wearing it this way over something like a sleeveless crop top and jeans will keep you cooler as it will allow more air to get to your arms, but it will also keep you dry (and give you something to take off to be dry indoors) when the rain does start to pour.

Make use of a shirt

A chic button down has oh so many uses, and one of them is keeping you a little drier in the summer showers. Granted, cotton or linen shirts aren't exactly waterproof, so they won't have the water rolling off you, but what they will do is keep whatever you have underneath looking fresher when the rain pours. You can quickly take off your shirt when you head indoors and still be stylish, in this case, showing off your tank top and jeans.

Boot up

Who said boots don't work in the summer? Because on sunny yet rainy days, a pair of waterproof boots should be your absolute go-to. Part of making boots appropriate for the summer is getting them in a lighter color, and these light purple ones do just the job of toeing the line between summer and autumn wear. They clearly go great with a shorter summer dress, and a leather or faux leather jacket over the top will keep you dry if you remember to use a waterproofing product before you step out.

Bring some color

Rainy days are dreary enough, so why not bring a little brightness and color to the occasion? A cute and colorful button-down like this will help cheer you up, but is billowy enough to also help you beat the heat. Tucking it into a pair of denim shorts will also stop you from overheating, while white sneakers will help you hop over those pesky puddles with ease. Draping a matching jacket over your shoulders also allows you to beat the drizzle, particularly if you opt for something that's waterproof.

Carry a cardigan

A knit or crochet cardigan with large holes in the pattern is another way to keep cool in the summer but still give yourself a little more protection from the rain. The best part is that they're usually designed to wear edge to edge rather than fastening, so they allow your super chic outfit to still be seen. We love the simpler pairing of the navy pants with the light pink t-shirt, and the sensible nude shoes will also come in handy when you're dodging puddles all over.

Go mini

A mini skirt is always a go-to in the summer, but pairing it with a sweater and rain boots can make it work on even the rainiest of hot days. We'd just recommend putting another top on underneath the sweater so you can take it off if you get too hot or it gets too wet for when you head indoors. Oh, and don't forget your umbrella, of course!

Grab a raincoat and jeans

We can't get enough of a clear raincoat, because not only will it keep the rain off your super cute outfit, but it will also show it off at the same time! Instead of risking a clash when you put your waterproof gear on, clear material outerwear literally goes with everything. Lightly cropped (or turned-up jeans) are also a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, as they're light enough to keep you cool, but will also keep you dry at the same time.

Match to your stand-out raincoat

Another way you can style a waterproof jacket without it looking like an unwanted addition to your outfit? Put a colorful version over a more basic outfit. By pairing something yellow like this with a basic cropped white shirt and ripped light blue jeans, you're letting your waterproof do all the talking without having to even think too much about your outfit at all. When you do want to match, though? Grabbing the same color bag will tie the two together, and they still won't look out of place if you put one down.

Stay dry in a mini and long boots

We told you boots aren't only for the winter — and we meant it. Though we wouldn't recommend them for any old summer day, for those times you know you'll be battling the rain, they're absolutely perfect. To avoid overheating in them though when the sun shines through the clouds, we'd suggest pairing them with shorts or a shorter skirt so you're still avoiding getting too hot. A flowy cardigan over a skimpier top will also avoid showing too much skin while still giving you some breathability.

Pair those cropped pants with sneakers

Plain white sneakers go with pretty much everything (trust us on this one) which is why they're so easy to rock on a hot but stormy day. A great way to wear them is with cropped pants (black is never a bad idea when you might get caught in the rain), and a light cardigan will marry the two together. Keeping your top half light will make this outfit more summer appropriate, and you can even rock a tank top underneath in case the heat gets to you and you need to strip down a layer.

Bring in the denim

Denim doesn't have to just be for pants when it comes to those pesky rainy days, oh no. When it's raining in the summer, a denim jacket can be a godsend. It's obviously not waterproof, so it won't keep you super dry, but it should do enough to protect you during a random sun shower while also keeping you cooler than materials like wool or polyester. This outfit makes use of a classic black ensemble underneath via a spaghetti strap crop top and matching wide-legged pants, but you could match in whatever color you want here.

All about that co-ord

Oh, how easy a co-ord is to style, because you instantly know both pieces will match. And on days when you need to dress for both sunny and hot weather, a baggy yet breathable pair of long pants with a short sleeve top will work wonders. Putting the open button-down over a t-shirt will break it up a little, and means you can take it off if it gets wet. A pair of Vans shoes are also the perfect addition, as they're light yet still cute and comfortable to keep you dry.

Cool culottes

When the rain is pouring but the heat is still heating, culottes can create a great bridge between long pants and shorts. Because they tend to be on the baggier, looser side, they'll keep your outfit breathable but you won't have to worry about the bottoms dragging in any puddles. Pair them with a looser top like this cute striped one to keep the airflow on your top half too, while a light bomber jacket will help protect you from the water and can be taken off when you need it to. That's the joy of lighter layers!