Ranking TikTok-Viral Beauty Trends On If They're Worth The Buzz Or Not

There are millions of users on TikTok uploading interesting pieces of content every hour. Looking to TikTok to uncover viral beauty trends has become somewhat of a norm. It's certainly one of the best places to go if you're curious to find out about tips and tricks everyone around the globe is coming up with. Whether you're curious about beauty trends for your makeup, nails, or hair, you'll find exactly what you're looking for after typing a few relevant words into TikTok's search bar. 


Unfortunately, not every single trend that comes to light on TikTok is actually worth the buzz. Some of the wildest trends on TikTok should probably be shelved and forgotten about forever. By the same token, there are also plenty of viral beauty trends on TikTok that totally deserve their time to shine. Tips and tricks that help you feel more beautiful and more confident will always be worth investigating and exploring.

Lube as primer is asking for clogged pores

If you're shocked by the idea of someone using sexual lubricant as a makeup primer, you're not alone. This viral TikTok trend is far from buzzworthy since it will potentially clog your pores by trapping dirt and bad bacteria in your skin. If preventing blackheads, whiteheads, and general acne is something you care about, rubbing lubricant on your face is the last thing you should be doing. Several TikTokers collectively started posting about using lubricant as makeup primer due to its grip and shine. 


At the end of the day, there are tons of normal makeup primers to use that will provide just as much grip and shine underneath your concealer and liquid foundation. Primer is already designed to do a great job of ensuring that your makeup stays in place throughout the day, regardless of wet weather or sweat. There's no need to rely on sexual lubricant to achieve the same results.

Nail file teeth filing is downright painful

There's nothing buzzworthy about using a nail file to file down your teeth. Even the mere thought of doing something like this should make you cringe a little. There's no shame in feeling insecure about uneven teeth, especially in the front. It becomes an issue if you try to handle your uneven teeth at home, though. There are dentists who are trained to specialize in this area. 


They use numbing serums and proper devices to shave your teeth down and make sure everything looks as balanced as you're hoping for. Taking a nail file (which is intended for your fingernails and toenails) and filing down your teeth is only going to lead to serious problems. Unless you're ready to face irreparable damage to your teeth, simply put the nail file down. It's not possible to regrow tooth enamel, so once you make changes to the structure of your teeth, it's permanent.

Full facial waxing is unnecessary and dangerous

Having a face completely bare of all hair might appeal to you, and you can certainly pay for hair removal services to make that happen. But going for a full facial wax in one sitting isn't the smartest way to do it. There's nothing safe about covering your entire face with wax including your eyes, nose, and lips. Even if you hold enough space open for breathability using Q-tips or other items, you can still end up in a situation where you're unable to breathe. 


Getting rid of hair on your upper lip, sideburns, chin, and unibrow is totally normal, but it isn't exactly normal to lose your eyelashes while you're at it! When you wax your entire face, your eyelashes are liable to get ripped out, too. Anyone who wants to safely wax the hair off of different areas of their face can do so by letting a professional remove patches from each area, one at a time.

Layered slugging can be acne-inducing

No one is trying to deny that there are tons of benefits that come along with slugging. This beauty trend can be added to your skin care routine after cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. It's all about slathering your skin with a layer of petroleum jelly before falling asleep at night. When you wake up, you're supposed to feel "reborn" with rejuvenated and revitalized skin. 


If you slug two to three times a week to hydrate skin that's visibly cracked, inflamed, or dried out, you'll yield positive results. But if you aren't cautious with your process, it can cause more problems than before. Anyone who's prone to oily skin might want to skip out on adding slugging to their skin care routine. Oily-skinned folks will be faced with serious pimple breakouts. An acne breakout as a result of slugging might actually be worse than whatever inflammation or dryness you were struggling with beforehand.

Erection cream lip plumping can burn your lips

When you think of erection cream, the lips on your face probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Erection cream is typically used for sexual purposes between couples in the bedroom. TikTok has opened the floodgates to a trend dedicated to using erection cream on your lips as a plumping method. One TikToker shared a video of himself experimenting with the method and proved that his lips plumped up after using erection cream.


Unfortunately, his lips also started burning before he wiped them clean. Erection cream is simply way too harsh to use on your lips. Keep in mind that the skin on your lips is incredibly thin and delicate. If you apply a product that doesn't belong there, it can lead to serious allergic reactions, swelling, peeling, or even stinging. Your lips are fragile, and they deserve to be taken care of with gentleness.

DIY mole scraping can lead to infections

DIY mole scraping has been a hot-button topic on TikTok for quite some time. Anyone dealing with a mole they consider unsightly in a visible place such as their face, neck, or chest might feel tempted to get rid of their mole at home without guidance or green lights from a professional dermatologist. Getting rid of your moles at home is hugely problematic since you won't know for sure if you're accidentally chopping off melanoma. 


Unless a dermatologist lays eyes on the mole you'd like to remove, there's no way to tell if melanoma is already spreading through your bloodstream or traveling to other parts of your body. To make matters worse, you may give yourself a serious infection by trying to remove moles at home. Without the necessary utensils and tools required to remove a mole in a sanitary way, infections are highly possible.

Drawn-on eyelashes look fake and tacky

Unless you appreciate a cartoonish and animated appearance, drawn-on eyelashes simply don't make sense. They're great for costumes during the Halloween season when you're dressing up as a character with exaggerated eyelashes like Marge Simpson or SpongeBob SquarePants. On any other day, drawn-on eyelashes give a very fake and tacky vibe. Since they don't look like realistic eyelashes at all, this TikTok trend is far from buzzworthy. 


If you're hoping to showcase some gorgeous lashes with extra length, invest in some awesome mascara or strip faux lashes. You can take things a step further by setting up an appointment to have individual lashes installed since they'll last for a couple of weeks before it'll be time to get a fill or a fresh set. When people see your side profile, the length of your lashes should be easy to admire. Drawing your lashes on means that won't be a possibility.

Pore vacuuming can cause broken blood vessels

Anyone dealing with pesky blackheads might feel tempted to get into pore vacuuming to solve their issue. Unfortunately, pore vacuuming can cause a slew of problems if you're not super careful. This viral TikTok trend doesn't quite deserve the buzz it's received since it potentially causes broken blood vessels along your face. If you suction an area of pores for way too long or turn up the suction power too high, your skin can become bruised and inflamed. 


Instead of relying on a pore vacuum to remove your blackheads, think about investing in facial exfoliators, oil cleansers, and charcoal masks. Take things a step further by utilizing pore strips. Pore strips are meant to be pressed against any areas where blackheads are visible. After a few seconds, rip the pore strips off to extract all the blackheads beneath it. A solid skin care routine can help solve your blackhead issue more than any pore vacuum.

Sunscreen contour leaves you susceptible to skin cancer

There's nothing buzzworthy about sunscreen contouring, no matter how viral this trend on TikTok has become. The negatives that come along with skin contour should be discussed more than any of its possible beauty benefits, though. If you're only applying sunscreen to specific areas of your face, you're leaving other patches completely exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun. SPF protection is supposed to keep you safe from the development of skin cancer down the line. 


If you're not protecting all inches of your skin, you're clearly leaving yourself susceptible to melanoma. Those who are interested in sunscreen contouring think it will help their face look more snatched and angular. The theory states that if parts of your face catch a darker tan than other areas, you won't have to apply actual contouring makeup to specific areas anymore. The trade-off isn't worth it.

Euphoria-inspired makeup is outdated and overdone

Now that word is spreading about "Euphoria" Season 3 being postponed until 2025, it's perfectly fine to take a break from "Euphoria"-inspired makeup for a while. The trend won't be in style again until Season 3 finally lands on HBO Max. When the first two seasons of "Euphoria" were airing week by week in 2019 and 2022, viewers were hopping on the bandwagon to re-create fantastical makeup looks emulating characters like Cassie Howard, Maddy Perez, and Jules Vaughn. 


They strutted down the hallways of their fictional high school wearing glittery eye shadow, rhinestone eyeliner, black lipstick, fairy dust blush, fiery red eye shadow, and more. They never skimped on accessories, either, with their choker necklaces, hoop earrings, and angel wings. They represented the party girl aesthetic.

"Euphoria"-inspired makeup will always serve, but until Season 3 is officially released, taking a break from such over-the-top makeup looks is totally fine.

Glazed doughnut nails are sweet and summery

Nail lovers who are interested in buzzworthy trends should pay attention to glazed doughnut nails. One of the top celebs to rock glazed doughnut nails happens to be Hailey Bieber. She trailblazes plenty of trends in the beauty realm, and glazed doughnut nails are part of her list. They look classy enough to be worn to a job interview and glamorous enough for an upscale party in New York City. 


When applying glazed doughnut nails, you'll want to combine a creamy tan color with sheer polish to create the best possible results. Add two thin coats of that blended color to each nail before dabbing chrome powder on top. The chrome powder step cannot be skipped since it adds the perfect amount of shine. When rocking nails like these, the deliciousness of glazed doughnuts from a joint like Krispy Kreme will definitely be on your mind.

Barbiecore makeup is fun and feminine

With the 2023 "Barbie" movie on everyone's mind, opting for Barbiecore makeup is more common than ever. Margot Robbie landed the titular role, bringing glitz and glam to the iconic character in a big way. Anyone hoping to emulate true Barbie vibes can rely on Barbiecore makeup guides to make that happen. Barbiecore makeup simply requires the utilization of lots of pinks. 


We're talking about pink lipgloss and lipstick, pink blush, pink eye shadow, pink highlighter, pink glitter, and more. Any pink makeup you find will come in handy. Take things a few steps further with your Barbiecore look by accessorizing with pink jewelry and adding pink streaks to your hair. The purpose of Barbiecore makeup is to make you feel like a total doll in the real world. Barbiecore makeup is fun and feminine, whether you played with Barbie dolls as a youngster or not.

Skin flooding will hydrate and revitalize you

Skin flooding will absolutely change your life if you're searching for a buzzworthy beauty trend to cling to. You don't have to overcomplicate the process of skin flooding while taking steps to keep your skin as hydrated as possible. TikTokers have been sharing their skin flooding routines and tutorials for the world to see since creating a long-lasting youthful glow will never go out of style. 


The first step to follow with skin flooding is cleansing your face as thoroughly as possible. Next, you'll have to apply toner before moving on to hyaluronic acid serum. After that, make sure you're adding enough moisturizer for full coverage.

When you "flood" your skin with all these essentials, there's no way you'll be left feeling dried out. Be as picky and particular with the brands of products you choose to use for your skin flooding routine.

Mermaidcore makeup is enticing and alluring

The newest version of "The Little Mermaid" starring Halle Bailey has been breaking records at the box office. Viewers are completely enticed by the majestic beauty of the live-action Disney movie. With the topic of mermaids on everyone's mind these days, mermaidcore makeup is totally on-trend. Mermaidcore makeup is ideal for anyone going for Princess Ariel vibes next time they leave the house. 


You can accomplish a flawless mermaidcore look by using color palettes that include tons of blue, teal, purple, green, and pink. When you blend these colors together, it automatically reminds everyone of the vast ocean's colorful appeal. Since the sea is filled with bubbles, adding pearl-shaped gemstones around your eyes is a wonderful way to take your mermaidcore look to the next level. When it comes to mermaidcore lips, natural colors that look healthy, shiny, and hydrated are your best bet.

Glossy eyelids allow for multitasking makeup

Multitasking makeup has been trendy for quite some time since it allows makeup lovers to combine different steps of their routine. This is great news for anyone who's short on time or anyone who wants to minimize the number of products they keep on their makeup shelf moving forward. Lip gloss is obviously intended for your lips, but that doesn't mean it can't be used anywhere else on your body. 


Glossy eyelids are a buzzworthy trend to consider if you have tubes of lip gloss that haven't garnered your attention in a while. Your lip gloss might be on the back burner these days as you focus on using lipstick and lip stain. It's time to let your lip gloss shine once again by applying it to your eyelids instead of your lips. Glossy lids are an easy way to emulate shimmery eye shadow without actually using separate products.

Chrome nails are futuristic and modern

What could be more futuristic and modern than chrome nails? Chrome nails will remind you of spaceships, UFOs, and all the mysterious technology making changes in society. You likely won't get sick of your chrome nails anytime soon since they belong in the future. Every time you look down at your hands, you'll be reminded of all the exciting things you have to look forward to. 


An easy way to achieve chrome nails is by starting with one coat of a neutral shade covered in pearl chrome on top. One of the reasons chrome nails are more buzzworthy than other nail trends is that they stay solid. You don't have to worry about chipping since chrome polish in gel form is thick and sturdy. If your nail technician takes all the necessary steps before applying the chrome-colored gel, your nails will last for a long time.

Coquette makeup gives 'Bridgerton' vibes

"Bridgerton" has been all the rage since it first premiered in 2020. The romance show on Netflix has been compared to "Gossip Girl," "Downton Abbey," and "Pride & Prejudice." When watching episodes of "Bridgerton," the elegance of it all is on full display. Oftentimes, the characters are described as having a "coquette" aesthetic. A coquette is generalized as a woman who can be incredibly flirty and frisky. 


Knowing how to bat your eyelashes, smile with a purpose, and tilt your head to the perfect angle when attracting potential suitors means you've got the coquette aesthetic down pat. Coquette makeup is on trend these days, whether you're an avid fan of "Bridgerton" or not. It's all about amplifying your natural beauty by drawing attention to your best qualities. Lengthening your eyelashes, lining your lips, and highlighting the tip of your nose are all part of the deal.

Vinyl lips have you looking intensely chic

If you're hoping to achieve an intensely chic look, vinyl lips are the buzzworthy trend to investigate on TikTok. When choosing the perfect color for your vinyl lips, you're going to opt for darker shades that give somewhat of a burlesque vibe. You don't necessarily have to worry about lining your lips or adding an additional layer of glass on top. As long as the liquid lipstick you're applying fits the criteria, you'll be set. 


The topic of "vinyl" probably reminds you of old-school records that gained popularity in the mid-'60s and '70s, but this trend isn't necessarily about that magical time in musical history. "Vinyl" also refers to the high-gloss material often used for sexy, form-fitting clothing.

With your lipstick reminding you of such things, you know you're on the right track. Vinyl lips give a high-pigmented color without any annoying glossy stickiness.

Outlined nails add an exaggerated flair

Outlined nails are as buzzworthy as it gets when it comes to nail trends. They add an exaggerated flair you can't achieve with a solid color. Wearing solid-colored nails doesn't come across as boring, but you certainly stand out more when your nails are outlined. Whether all of your nails are outlined with the same color or each one is a little different, your outlined nails will serve as a conversation starter everywhere you go. 


One of the coolest details about outlined nails is that they'll resemble miniature reflective mirrors or windows. In some cases, it looks fabulous to keep the center of your outlined nails neutral, clear, or pale colored. In other cases, it looks phenomenal to fill the center with a darker color while the outlined areas are lighter. Either way, outlined nails make a bold statement since they aren't so common.

Glass skin looks luminous and flawless

Glass skin is arguably the most buzzworthy TikTok trend to get excited about right now since it drastically improves the appearance of your facial features. If you're starting with skin that looks flaky and dry, you'll feel much better about your outward appearance by the time you're finished taking steps to achieve glass skin. Simply start off with a cleansing balm until it's frothy and foamy on your face. Wipe that off with a damp towel before spraying yourself with a water mist and toner. 


After that, use snail mucin and hydrating serum to lock it all in. Using repair cream is the next step since it helps speed the healing process of dry and flaky skin along. The application of SPF 50 is a solid ending point since it's common knowledge that SPF products are beneficial to the health of your skin.

With glass skin, your face will look healthy, dewy, and hydrated.