What Does The Sun In Your Twelfth House Mean In Astrology?

The twelfth house is the final house of the zodiac and is connected with the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Similar to how Pisces has a bit of all of the signs' traits from time to time, the twelfth house harbors attributes of the other eleven houses. It's in this house that we open up our eyes and see ourselves fully. The connection between the twelfth house and Pisces is going to tell you a lot about the inner dialogue you can expect to have here. Of course, your sun sign falling into this house is going to give you some amazing energy, and that's really what we want to talk about.


As Imani Quinn, an astrology expert, told mbg about the connection of the twelfth house with your sun signs, "This is also going to be somebody who's really in touch with their intuition, so they might also have an easier time making daily decisions from a place of their intuitive sense of self." More than that, you're someone with a head full of thoughts, and depending on your sun sign, this could be good or bad.

A look inside the twelfth house

According to the AstroTwins, via mbg, "As one of the more hidden arenas in the chart, the twelfth house rules spaces that are hidden or separated from society such as institutions, hospitals, jails, and retreats. It's also associated with the creative arts such as film, dance, and poetry." With watery Pisces and Neptune — the planet of creativity and dreams — at the helm, you can expect lots of fluidity with your sun in the twelfth house. And, where your natal sun sign shows in the houses is a message as to where you really want to shine. In the case of the twelfth house, you want your intuition and inner thoughts to rule you.


The heated power of the sun in this house has a way of making you look like you're a bit over-the-top to some when it comes to the things inside your head — the ideas you long to manifest (and will, with the creative power of your sun sign behind you). There are also positive and negative aspects that can arise. On the positive side of things, you're a constant work in progress and you feel empathy for those around you — this leads those with their sun sign in the twelfth house to sometimes be healers. On the negative side of things, you could find yourself dealing with time in jail and failures in friendships and relationships.

What your sun sign looks like in the twelfth house

If your sun sign is Pisces, you'll find the most success in the twelfth house with an inner dialogue that pushes you to intuitively help others, just don't get lost in your own mind. Scorpio sun in the twelfth house can have a negative aspect, making the dark side of this sign the controlling factor of what goes on in their head. For Cancer, your need to heal your family will be at the forefront, but it could come at the expense of hurting yourself.


Ruled by the sun itself, fiery Leos will find power within their minds, but could let their ego take control. Saggitarius is a fun-loving sign, and their lust for travel will take them to all sorts of places inside their minds. Aries is filled with ideas, you just have to figure out how to get them out of your head and onto paper.

The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are all likely to find monetary success with any of the business-related ventures they dream up with their inner dialog, but stubborn Taurus will want to do it all on their own to not butt heads with others.

The air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will find more personal thoughts roaming through their minds and will want to watch out for those negative toxic words of self-doubt.