Summer's Hottest Skirt Trends Are Leaving Plenty To The Imagination

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As summer arrives, so does its biggest trends. Its skirt styles are no exception, and one of the most prominent is a skirt that covers it all up. The antithesis of the ever-popular miniskirt, this summer's biggest skirt trend is all about length and volume. Midi and maxi skirts are reigning supreme, and they're taking more forms than ever. From pleats to extra fabric, from denim to crochet, there's a long skirt to fit your every mood. 


While long, high-coverage maxis are the trend of the moment, that doesn't mean that we're going to be covering up all summer. Maxi skirts open up the possibilities for outfits built around tiny crop tops and sheer tanks that still won't leave you feeling entirely exposed. If you're ready to test out one of our favorite summer trends, then now is the time to explore the many options the wonderful world of maxi skirts has to offer these days. Whatever it is you're looking for in a skirt, we promise you won't be disappointed by this season's selection.


The pencil skirts of yore had business casual, office attire vibes, but that doesn't mean that they can't be modified for many different styles and occasions, especially these days. You can even transform your pencil skirt into the only going-out staple you'll need. Whether your pencil skirt works for different, more laid-back occasions depends entirely on how you style it, rather than the skirt itself. 


There were plenty of runways featuring the staple piece this season. Anthony Vaccarello of Saint Laurent said backstage at his pencil skirt-heavy show (per Vogue), "I really wanted to bring that idea of being dressed." Style the skirt with flowy tops or edgy accessories.

Silk slip

You've probably noticed that silk slip skirts are having a moment as of late. The slip dress comeback has had perfect timing, and many of us are finding ourselves welcoming the slip skirt back into our wardrobes with plenty of enthusiasm, as well. 


Silk slip skirts are so sleek and so on-trend that it's actually difficult to create a slip skirt-based outfit that's a flop. Pair it with a simple top and pared-down accessories, or opt for edgier details for an updated, juxtaposed look. However you choose to style it, let the slip skirt do the talking, and you'll have a winning ensemble. 

Denim maxi

Hear us out: it's time to give the denim maxi skirt a second chance. We know, we know –– this isn't the easiest trend pill to swallow for summer 2023. Still, the long denim skirt has more than made its mark on today's trend cycle. This skirt is as sleek as it is laid-back and as chic as it is easy to style. 


While in years past, this may have been a daunting piece, it's as much a staple these days as comfy jeans and maxi skirts themselves may be in our warm-weather wardrobes. And, since denim-on-denim has come a long way since the early 2000s, this is a great way to double up on trends. 

Sheer maxi

Maxi skirts certainly cover up a bit more than many other spring and summer wardrobe staples like short shorts and miniskirts. Yet there is a way to combine the ease and modesty of a maxi skirt with the flirty freedom of more daring pieces: a sheer maxi or midi skirt is such a cool item to have in your closet for the warmer months. 


This simple option can be styled in so many different ways, and this half lace maxi is pure effortless coolness. No matter which style of sheer skirt you choose, this is sure to be the unexpected fashion constant of the summer. 


It may come as a surprise to most of us who lived through the early 2000s and maybe some of us who didn't, but despite any lessons we may think we've been subject to, the cargo style is back. We've learned that cargo pants aren't going away, and as it turns out, cargo skirts aren't either. 


For as long as we can remember, pocketless women's clothing hasn't just been an inconvenience; it's been a patriarchal pain point. Well, what better way to do away with the sad fate of pocketless skirts than with a skirt that revolves around its pockets. Yes –– cargo skirts have plenty of utilitarian purposes, but they also look incredibly cool and on-trend. 


Circle skirts are certainly not a new style, but this vintage-inspired trend is very much back, and it's a great way to rock a skirt this summer that will give you a perfectly proportioned warm-weather ensemble. 


Circle skirts get their name from their shape; if you spin around in a circle skirt, it will make a perfect circle. Circle skirts tend to be knee-length or below, and they're voluminous and flare out from the waist. Circle skirts have a retro vibe that is more than welcome these days, and it will give your ensemble perfect proportions when paired with a crop top, tucked-in shirt, or bodysuit. 


We all have an image in our minds when we think of pleated skirts, and it's more likely than not that what we imagine is reminiscent of a private school uniform. These days, though, pleated skirts are "in" among fashionistas, and they come in the form of voluminous midi-skirts. 


Sure, this skirt style is notoriously preppy, but like the other skirt trends of the summer, styling with unexpected details can totally transform the piece. Pair it with preppy details like heels and a button-down or style it down with a simple tank and white sneakers. 

Crochet maxi

Crochet is everywhere this summer. We're seeing this unique, detailed fabric mostly in the form of tops and summer cardigans, but long skirts are getting in on the trend too. 

Crochet maxi skirts are easy to throw on with any simple top for an undeniably summery look. Pair a form-fitting crochet maxi like this one with a cropped tee and sandals, or style this adorable, scalloped hem skirt with a tied-up button-down or tank top and flats. Throw on your favorite sunglasses and strong SPF, and you're dressed for wherever the summer takes you.