10 Outside-The-Box Ways To Bring Florals Back To Life In Your Wardrobe

Florals are officially back in, but maybe not in the way you might remember them. "We're beyond the typical expressions of floral prints and embroideries of past seasons and leaning into gorgeous, dimensional applications that take florals to a more fantasy level this spring," trend forecaster and JMR Trend + Creative founder Jessica Richards explained to Marie Claire, noting that one of the reasons the floral trend is so big once again is because it's such a timeless classic. "[Florals] are an evergreen (pardon the pun) expression of our desire each year to feel rejuvenated by the spring season; to reconnect with color, natural elements, and the possibility of hope and new life that this time of year represents," she shared.

But, if you want to be on trend, you're going to have to go a little harder than just throwing on a floral dress, as it's all about doing something different with your flowers this time around. If that's left you a little confused on what to wear, that's okay, because Women.com has your back. We're ready to help you bloom with 10 ways you can nail the new floral trend by changing it up a little and thinking outside the box.

Out of focus florals

Putting a spin on the floral trend is what it's all about right now, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by picking a floral print that's a little different to the traditional. Though this isn't quite as out there as the multidimensional flower looks, rocking a blurred floral print is an easy way to get close. For this, you'll want to find a garment that looks like it once featured a sharp floral print but it's since been blurred (imagine you're looking at flowers while squinting), as you'll be in on the floral trend but in a way that lets you stand out from the crowd.

Just jewelry

A more subtle way to bring a little floral love back into your wardrobe is to zhuzh up your look with jewelry. There are endless different floral designs you could get your hands on, but, to really get on board, we'd recommend getting a super cute matching necklace and earrings set like this one. A delicate white daisy set will go with almost anything, so will be a super cute addition to any outfit without having to go the route of the traditional summer dress.

Go bold with a headband

When you want to avoid the conventional floral trappings, why not go for a bold flower headband instead? We're not going to lie, this one's not necessarily for the faint-hearted so you may want to give it a miss if you want to go a little more under the radar, but it sure is stunning and ideal for those looking to make a statement. Headpieces not only make a great accessory for a special occasion, but you can wear them whenever you darn well feel like it to bring a little floral out-of-the-box addition to your outfits.

Sass it up with floral sequins

For another take on the floral trend, why not bring in one of our very favorite things? Sequins, of course! Let's be honest, sequins instantly add a whole lot of fun and sparkle to any outfit, and they're a great way to bring a little extra glam to the floral trend. We particularly love how the shiny stuff is on a dark two-piece blazer and shorts set, which makes the silver sequins (which have been arranged to look like petals) really stand out.

Terrific tie-dye

Another way to think outside the box when it comes to florals? The one and only tie-dye! Yep, this vintage trend is another one that's coming back in a major way, and it can be used to put a super creative take on florals. Not to mention, tie-dye is a design you can easily create yourself at home! Tie-dye flowers are not only fun, but they're also a great way to bring a little color to your wardrobe and inject a little personality into your look. Though the technique won't get you 3D flowers, it will give you a multidimensional effect as it fades out.

Throw it back in a choker

Okay, we're throwing it back to the '90s a little here, but stick with us. As we already know, everything that's old is new again when it comes to fashion, and that includes accessories. A non-traditional way to bring a little floral back into your life is to opt for a choker like the one above, as wearing your love for flowers on your neck will not only be a bold way to try the trend, but also has the potential to tie your whole look together. Rosettes are oh so hot right now too, so this one really will put you on the fashion map.

Magnificent metallics

If you're looking to dress up your floral outfit, why not try mixing it with metallics? Like on this stunning top, a floral print created using shiny metallic thread instantly adds a little extra glamor to your outfit and is a total step up from a standard flat floral print. A top like this can also be paired with so many different garments on the bottom half, from a dressier skirt to more casual pants, or it would look absolutely stunning with a midi-tulle skirt.

Broach florals with a brooch

A simple way to add a floral element to literally any outfit, and any part of your outfit for that matter, is to get your hands on a large floral brooch like this one. These can be attached to your ensemble anywhere, from the label of a blazer to the bottom waistband of a skirt, and is an ideal way of adding a little texture to your look. It's also your chance to get creative on colors, as you can go totally matchy-matchy or add a little pop of color to your outfit.

Make a bag statement

For when you're just not feeling like wearing your florals super close to your body, why not put them on your bag instead? A bag like this nails the textured flower trend and also allows you to wear whatever you want when it comes to your outfit, because your accessory is doing all the talking. This kind of multidimensional floral bag screams fantasy, which puts you so on trend, and is a great way to show off your more feminine side.

Waist it

Ready to throw it back a little? Then a floral waist chain may just be for you. If you're rocking a crop top (which, remember, aren't just for Gen X-ers!) a super cute way to add a little something extra to your look could be to fasten a delicate chain around your middle. An adorable daisy chain like this one gives us such summer vibes and would be perfect for donning for a festival or day in the sun.