Your Seventh House Placement Can Define Your Ideal Partnership

Like our health and our careers, our love lives are one of the most important areas of our beings, and an area that can be elusive. Love can cause us both pain and elation — it's no wonder that many turn to the stars to anticipate what they might expect, and when they can expect it. For those in pursuit of a life partner, you may think that they could be anywhere at all. But how would you know them when you see them? Understanding who you're looking for is ultimately one of the best ways to find your life partner.


Known as the House of Partnerships, the Seventh House of your natal chart is one of the best places to look for clues, as it governs marriages, long-term relationships, and more. Placements in the Seventh House might say just as much about your chosen lover as about you, where this house is also said to detail the characteristics of the partner you might enter into a long-term partnership with. If you do not have any placements in the Seventh House, do not fret; this might actually work in your favor. Think of the Seventh House as a long-term love shack. The more seats you have available for potential suitors, the higher the odds you will find the partner that's right for you.

Venus looks out for love

Did somebody say love? We all know that means one thing: Venus will appear in a flash to ensure the connection moves forward swimmingly. Venus is the natural ruler of the Seventh House, where her divine matchmaking skills are put to good use. Long-term partnerships are not always rainbows and butterflies, though, and Venus knows this. This is perhaps why the Seventh House also governs the "business" side of these connections which might entail contracts (such as a prenuptial agreement) as well as business partners. The Seventh House also rules our adversaries, which, in the worst-case scenario, could spell a relationship turned sour. 


When it comes to the nuances of how this long-term partnership will show up in your life, it's best to look for the positions of the planets moving through the house. Planetary trines in the Seventh House are, for example, typically taken as a good omen, where this alignment is both supercharged and harmonious. But planetary oppositions could, in contrast, complicate the connections between planets, creating certain obstacles in the house that might need to be addressed to reach your long-term love goals. Consult your natal chart for a greater understanding of how such transits might affect your Seventh House. 

Libra looks for balance

Libra is an air sign well known to value balance, and when it comes to a long-term partnership, balance, compromise, and equality all play significant roles in its success. Libra's influence assists us in prioritizing those ideals. But what specifically might need balance depends on what planets, and in which signs, show up in your Seventh House. For example, those with Neptune in the Seventh House might spend a lot of time dreaming up their ideal partner, who might tend to be imaginative as well. But too much dreaming can lead to delusion, and this placement might be challenged to face the reality that, being human, their future partner will have flaws just like everybody does. 


Choosing another example, those with Uranus in the Seventh House might need to maintain a strong sense of autonomy in their partnerships, whereas their partner might also be one who walks to the beat of their own drum, so to speak. A fascinating aspect of the Seventh House is that, even though it tends to point toward others, the Seventh House can teach us much about ourselves. What we value in others, we tend to value ourselves, too. As such, it is important to keep an open heart when it comes to the Seventh House. Remember that relationships involve collaboration, as you work together to learn about each other and the partnership that you are building to last.