Exalted Planets In Your Birth Chart Bring The Feeling Of Home To The Forefront

When it comes to astrology, we all know by now that our sun signs aren't the only components of our birth charts that explain who we are. There's a ton going on in those charts, and one of the things you may not know about yet are exalted planets. Your exalted planet is a planet that has a strong impact on your life and can show you where you'll feel most at home when it comes to your potential.


Astrologer Ally Lewber told Well + Good, "Exalted, also known as exaltation, is where the planet can do its best work, expression, and achieve its highest potential." She added that "It's all about being able to be in the place and space that honors your energy and allows you to express it well."

According to Rachel Lang via Well + Good, an intuitive astrologer and healer, an exalted planet "can achieve its highest expression and potential." So, your sign gets the most energy from the exalted planet it is connected to, in layman's terms.

The exalted planets and what they mean

To break things down, you need to know the degrees of placement for these exaltations. So, let's take a look at which planets are exalted in which signs.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer up to 5 degrees, which means that if your Jupiter placement is in Cancer, you can expect expansion in wisdom. Cancer is a wise and emotion-filled sign, and Jupiter is a planet of wisdom and expansion.


Venus is exalted in Pisces up to 27 degrees, which means you will be better able to express love. Venus is, of course, the planet of love and Pisces is one of the biggest feelers in the zodiac.

Sun is exalted in Aries, up to 10 degrees. The sun gives all of us life, so it is definitely a big motivator for Aries sun signs, who tend to be go-getters as is.

Moon is exalted in Taurus, up to 3 degrees. The moon is all about our emotions, so when your moon is in the pleasure-seeking sign of Taurus, you can expect to be someone who loves self-care and your own space.

Mercury is exalted in Virgo, up to 15 degrees. If you have Virgo in Mercury, the imaginative and curious aspects of Mercury will drive you to be even more adaptable and industrious.


Mars is exalted in Capricorn, up to 28 degrees. Mars is all about action, and Capricorn's placement in Mars shows you what your true motivations are.

Saturn is exalted in Libra, up to 20 degrees. Friendly and balanced Libra finds more structure when in Saturn.

Understanding exalted planets and their connection to the zodiac

Understanding these powerful rulers of your natal chart isn't as difficult as it may seem. Once you know where the planets are in your chart and what degrees each one is exalted at, you can start looking at the potential these exalted planets have to offer.


The good benefits of a planet and that particular sign are enhanced when the planet is exalted in that sign. While all planets and signs have negative aspects as well, it is those positive ones that are a focus in exalted planets. If you want to know what your most favorable aspects are, this is where to look. To see negative aspects, you'd want to look at your debilitated planets in each sign.

Not all signs have an exalted planet placement, and that's because some of the signs are considered "hidden," including Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius. Other signs are considered to have an exalted planet but are not recognized by all natal chart readers and astrologists, like Scorpio's exaltation in Uranus.