Lizzo's Wellness Journey Isn't About Thinness, And Her Admission Shouldn't Be So Revolutionary

Paired with social media, much of Western society has become transfixed on celebrity culture, whether it be for the latest fashion trends or the hottest gossip. However, a large portion of individuals and platforms from across the internet — including media publications — seem to be particularly transfixed on celebrity appearance, especially weight. This creates the perfect storm for judgmental comments. One great example of this includes Ariana Grande, who has recently received significant attention online for her current body size. Other celebrities who have been openly body-shamed include Adele, Billie Eilish, and Selena Gomez, among countless others; critics are even commenting on Martha Stewart's Sports Illustrated cover. However, one of the most recent targets of both the public and online outlets is American-born rapper, singer, flutist, dancer, and performer, Lizzo.

Despite making waves in the music industry over recent years, a lot of the public and the media are still transfixed by Lizzo's weight, even accruing comments on her weight from other fellow rappers in the community, including Kanye West. However, in true Lizzo fashion, the icon has always responded positively, maintaining the stance that she is happy with her body size. However, comments about her weight are still making headlines. Is it really necessary?

Headlines still put the focal point on Lizzo's weight

In a TikTok recently posted by Lizzo, the rapper directly states that "[she's] not trying to be thin," before openly discussing other things that make her happy. This quote was picked up by several online publications, with the emphasis of the headlines focusing on this statement. However, for those who actively embrace body positivity and body neutrality, it begs the question as to why Lizzo's comments have even managed to make headlines in the first place. Like many other online articles, the focal point of these recent stories primarily focuses on her weight. But why?

The body positivity movement has slowly gained more and more traction over recent years, especially with the help of social media. Even Lizzo herself has commented on the movement, stating: "Wild to see the body positive movement come so far. Proud of the big girls who gave it wings" (via Shape). Considering the scale of such a movement, it really shouldn't still be such a headline-making thing for a larger person to admit they don't want to be thin. They are within their own rights to do so — and it's completely normal. Also, newsflash: thinness does not equate to health or happiness. Everyone should have the choice to inhabit a body that feels right for them. Instead, we should all be focusing on supporting and loving one another; a great way to help everyone be the best version of themselves. 

We should accept that wellness looks different for everyone

While most of the headlines online focus on her weight, it's clear that Lizzo wants to put the emphasis on her mental health above everything else. In the now-viral TikTok video posted by the singer herself, she states, while pointing to her head: "Everything I eat, everything I do, every time I move my body, it's all for this. If this ain't happy, none of this is happy." Many like to assume that wellness for larger individuals involves losing weight; however, Lizzo's statements prove that this isn't the case. Rather than being so quick to judge, this showcases that, as a whole, we should be more accepting of everyone's wellness journeys, and acknowledge that everyone's goals are different. For Lizzo, her wellness journey is centered on being "holistic."

Of course, there will likely always be a portion of society who are unaccepting of such individuals, and preach a fatphobic worldview. It's important to note that research has shown that discrimination toward weight will not help the targeted individual. As the body neutrality movement progresses, headlines should shift away from weight and focus more on uplifting others. Being supportive is the key to making everyone happy.