Ways To Style Curtain Bangs, No Matter Your Hair's Length

It's no secret that bouncy, voluminous hair is having a moment right now — the more volume, the better. Curtain bangs are the latest it-girl trend that will take your hair from dull to bouncy and can easily work for your face shape. This style of bang is cut shorter on the inside of the fringe and grows longer as the bangs move away from the face.

If you don't want to commit to getting a blunt fringe, curtain bangs are the perfect casual-but-stylish bang option. They're fluffy and wispy, and they effortlessly frame your face to give your locks stunning volume. "I'm predicting that curtain bangs [or curtain fringes] will continue to go strong throughout the year," hairstylist Sal Salcedo told Glamour.

Whether you have short hair or long locks, there is an endless list of chic and cute ways to style curtain bangs for a flattering and trendy look.

Long, bouncy curtain bangs

Long curtain bangs frame the face and add more bounce to your hair. This is especially true when you have longer locks and style your tresses with a curler or wand. We recommend using a hairdryer and round brush to give your bangs that lifted, bouncy finish. For an effortless blowout, try the Drybar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush. This tool will give you a smooth, shiny blowout in minutes and is super easy to use.

Fanned curtain fringe

This bang style works great for all lengths of hair and can be worn swept to the sides or at the front of the face. Let your curtain bangs fall at the forward for an elegant look. Curtain bangs are super versatile and you can style them to the front for a gorgeous fanned fringe that's not as bold as a blunt-cut fringe. To achieve Nicola Peltz's classic hairstyle, ask your stylist for feathery bangs that reach just past the eyebrows. 

Messy bun and curtain bangs

Feeling like an updo? As long as your hair is long enough to put into a bun, you can rock this bedhead-inspired look. Simply put your hair into a loose, messy bun and let your curtain bangs fall at the sides for an untamed and chic style. You can either straighten or blow-dry your bangs for a smoother look, or use a styling cream to hold them in place. Try the Living Proof Mini No Frizz Smooth Styling Cream to keep your hair soft and shiny and hold the frizz at bay.

Curly locks

Whether you have short or long curls, curtain bangs will give your locks the ultimate drama, volume, and shape for an eye-catching hairstyle. To style these curtain bangs, let your dry naturally post-shower. If you want to get that additional volume while rocking this look, add a hair lotion to your locks while it's still damp. We recommend Curlsmith's Full Body Thickening Hair Lotion, which will seamlessly give your hair body and movement while locking in your curls. 

Extra-long fringe

If you love a good long fringe, this is the hairstyle for you. To recreate Billie Eilish's iconic extra-long fringe, ask your hairstylist for wispy bangs that fall slightly past your eyes and onto the middle of the bridge of your nose. When you're going for an untamed, tousled look, let your bangs air-dry naturally and add a bit of styling cream to tame the frizz. For a smoother style, use a straightener to round out your bangs and add extra volume. 

Mid-length curtain bangs

If you're aiming for bangs that aren't short but aren't long enough to blend in with the rest of your hair, try mid-length curtain bangs for a versatile, in-between style. These bangs are perfect for hair that just reaches past the shoulders. Jennifer Lopez is known for her voluminous and bouncy curtain bangs, and she shows us just how good they can look on different hair lengths. To recreate this look, ask your hairstylist for mid-length, wispy bangs with face-framing layers.

Feathered curtain bangs

This bang style is the go-to for all of the short-haired girls who still want to rock curtain bangs with bounce. These feathered, flicked-out curtain bangs look great on short hair. Ask your stylist for longer, feathered bangs that you can easily style to frame your face. To style these bangs, use a straightener to straighten and flick your bangs out away from your face to achieve that feathered '70s hair like Farrah Fawcett

Baby curtain bangs

Baby curtain bangs are trending right now and for good reason. Per Byrdie, baby curtain bangs are the swoopy, shaggy mini-version. This bang style is the obvious choice if you love short bangs that have a retro and vintage feel to them. To style these bangs, use a hairdryer and round brush to dry the bangs away from the face. Then, to finish them off, run a straightener through the bangs and bend the ends to create an elegant flick.