Pops Of Brown Can Revolutionize Your Favorite Little Black Dress

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The little black dress is one article of clothing that's never going out of style. We know that there are countless ways to level up your LBD with some accessories, and which accessories you choose can totally change your look. Yet, there's a new way to update your LBD that may leave some of us a little intrigued.

In the past, there's been a fashion rule that most of us know about, concerning a black-and-brown color scheme. The rule? Don't do it. We've always been warned against the underwhelming, boring, and even clashing nature of a black-and-brown outfit. These days, though, fashionistas are realizing that this rule is outdated. While black and brown is still certainly an unexpected color combination, it's actually an updated and interesting one. Brown is the perfect way to add a bit of color to a black ensemble without losing the cool, neutral vibes of an all-black outfit. As a result, adding shades of brown is one of our new favorite ways to update our go-to little black dress.

Adding a pop of brown with an accessory or layer can change the vibe of your LBD entirely, and there are so many ways to make this understated look your own. If you're looking for a new way to dress up your little black dress, then boy have we got the idea you're looking for.

Accessorize with neutrals

One of the things that makes brown such a great way to accessorize an all-black outfit is that it is both a neutral and a way to add a pop of color. We've seen plenty of black outfits accessorized with bright red shoes or a hot-pink bag. The impulse to add another hue to break up an all-black, monochrome outfit is a good one. However, there's something so fresh, sophisticated, and understated about choosing another neutral to do so. Brown typically acts as a neutral that isn't quite as harsh and high-contrast as black. Consequently, there's plenty to choose from when it comes time to find some brown accessories to add to your little black dress, and you probably already have a few of them in your closet.

Brown leather boots, suede booties, or patent pumps can be a great addition to different styles of LBDs. You also can't go wrong with a brown bag or pair of brown sunglasses. Don't be afraid to dress up your little black dress with each of these pieces, and you can even experiment with mixing and matching different shades of brown. Brown jewelry can be another great option for adding a bit of dimension and freshness to your black dress without requiring you to commit to a bold color as an accent. 

Add brown layers

In addition to using classic accessories in shades of brown to add depth to your little black dress, layering with brown is another great option. Outerwear pieces in brown shades are go-to staples that many of us already have in our wardrobes. They can act as an unexpected yet understated addition to your little black dress for cold winter days or cool, breezy evenings. Pop a light-brown faux leather moto jacket on over a strappy mini dress to make it more casual and add a light layer of warmth, or pair a chocolate brown peacoat and black tights with your favorite black dress for a holiday party. 

Alternatively, there are other types of brown layers that can completely change the vibe of your LBD. Layering a long-sleeved brown mock neck top under your sleeveless LBD and pairing it with brown tights and booties can make your dress appropriate for an entirely different type of occasion. The same goes for throwing on a big, comfy brown cardigan. This can easily transition your nighttime dress to an easygoing everyday fit, which allows you to get way more wear out of some of your favorite pieces.

Adding a brown accessory to our favorite black dress may be challenging the fashion rules we have in our heads. However, this color combination has proven to be an elevated way to accessorize a black dress as well as a simple way to freshen up a wardrobe staple.