The Very Best Shoes To Wear With Wide-Leg Pants

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From bell-bottom jeans to lightweight, slouchy pants or dressy trousers, wide-leg pants are one of the retro pant styles you can rock at any age. Though, for so many of us, the most difficult part of building an ensemble around a pair of wide-leg pants is choosing the right shoes, and this can make folks shy away from wearing wide-leg pants, altogether. 

Wide-leg pants are more difficult to style than most because they often cover up a lot of the shoe, they're meant to be long and need a shoe with some height to lift them up, or they're on the shorter side and expose all of your shoes as a part of the outfit. This means that which shoes work with your wide-leg pants depends entirely on the style of pants you've chosen and the vibe that you want your outfit to give off. By the same token, a style of footwear that works with one style of wide-leg pants may be a major no-no with another. 

We love the wide-leg pant trend so much that we want to make our favorite, fashion-forward pair of pants shine by styling it to perfection. That's why we've compiled all the best footwear options to pair with all of our favorite styles of wide-leg pants. From sneakers to chunky boots and strappy sandals to pointed-toe pumps, you likely already have the perfect pair of shoes for your wide-leg pants, and we're ready to show you how to style them. 


Sneakers are one of the best shoes to pair with your wide-leg pants. These days, sneakers aren't just an athleisure staple. They're a perfect way to make a put-together ensemble look a bit more casual. Big, chunky sneakers are an especially updated pick because they add a sporty twist to any outfit while also giving you a bit of height and adding heaviness to the bottom of your silhouette. White sneakers pair well with any pant color, but don't be afraid to break out a pop of color to spice up a neutral look. 

Pointed toe pumps

We all know that a pointed-toe shoe elongates the leg, and choosing one with a heel can make a big fashion statement when paired with a long pair of wide-leg pants. We especially love the way a pointed-toe pump will be visible beneath the hem of your pants even if they're extra long. Pick a pointed-toe pump in a metallic finish, a fun print, of a pop of color; this will add a cute touch to your outfit and give your wide-leg pants an extra, unexpected detail that will make your ensemble even cooler. 

Eye-catching flats

So many shoes can get lost under a big pant leg, especially when your wide-leg pants are on the longer side. For this reason, flats aren't always the perfect pick to pair with wide-leg pants, since they're more likely to get camouflaged under a long and wide hem. But you can still pick a flat that adds a pop peeking out from beneath your hem. We love the idea of these hot pink, pointed-toe, metallic ballet flats elongating the leg and adding a pop beneath some black wide-leg pants or this super-cute floral cutout pair with white trousers


Mules are a great option if you're looking to lean into the slouchier, more laidback energy that wide-leg pants can easily give off. A pointed-toe, sophisticated mule, like this EasySmile pair, can dress up a wide-leg pant, while casual, comfy mules, like this pair from White Mountain, are perfect when paired with thick socks and comfy pants. You can also let your mules make a statement. This celestial pair from Tilocow is basically our dream mule to pair with a pair of wide-leg black pants.


Sandals may not be everyone's first instinct when choosing a perfect pair of shoes for your wide-leg pants ensemble, but this is actually a perfect pairing as the weather warms up. Wide-leg pants of all kinds are much better than other styles of pants for hot and humid weather, as they let your legs breathe while still keeping them covered. Sandals will keep you feeling even cooler, and they add a bit of interest by letting your toes peek out and making for an easy breezy look with short, lightweight pants or your go-to pair of wide-leg jeans. 

Platform slides

Another great way to sport sandals that is sure to complement a pair of wide-leg pants is by choosing a pair of shoes with a big platform. Platform shoes are definitely in, and they add some height to your silhouette, while also making it easier to wear a pair of pants that is on the longer side. Rock these white Doc Martens sandals with an extra tall platform with a wide-leg jumpsuit or some of our favorite slouchy jeans this summer. 


Regardless of the weather or season, booties are a great footwear pick for your wide-leg pants outfit. An option like this nude, pointed-toe pair would look perfectly chic and lengthening when peeking out from underneath your favorite denim, or you can add a little bit of spice to an all black look with a tall, printed pair, like these leopard print wedges. Whether you love a super tall heel or would prefer to pair some flat booties with some shorter wide-leg pants, an ankle boot is a great choice to have making an appearance beneath your hem. 

Platform boots

The edgy heavy boot trend isn't going anywhere –– not even as the warmer months set in. Luckily, a chunky boot is the perfect complement to wide-leg pants. A chunky shoe really fills out the silhouette of a wide-leg pant; it tapers in at the top and flares out at the bottom, culminating in a big, heavy shoe. Plus, when you have longer wide-leg pants that you don't want dragging on the floor, a thick, heavy platform will give you some extra lift and add more length to your whole silhouette. 

Heeled sandals

An open toe peeking out from beneath the hem of your pants is a foolproof way of styling your wide-leg pants. A little height can only make this style work even better. A strappy sandal with a heel of any height can really dress up your wide-leg pants and take them from day to night, while also creating an outfit that works for warmer weather. A nude pair like this one will make for an airy look and let your outfit do the talking. You may also want to consider a pair with an eye-catching print, like these


The modern loafer trend is a comfy shoe lover's dream, yet loafers can be a bit tricky to pair with wide-leg pants since we don't want a flat, wide shoe to make for a clunky-looking leg. This definitely doesn't mean that this look is off the table, though, and when done right, it's as on-trend as it is comfortable. To style a loafer with your wide-leg pants, make sure to choose a long and slouchy option or something shorter that shows off the shoe and ankle. A pointed-toe loafer works especially well, like these from Steve Madden