Hair Accessories For Curly Girls That Won't Damage Your Strands

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Curls look great, but finding the right accessories to complement them can be a hair-loss nightmare. Curly hair, which ranges from 1c to 4c, is characterized by its unique spiral or coil shape. Consequently, finding accessories that won't damage these delicate strands can be challenging.


Frizz, breakage, and tangling are just a few of the issues many hair accessories can cause, making it difficult to keep your curls looking their best. Constant use of these damaging products can hurt your hair in ways that even a haircare routine can't fix. What's more? Constant pressure on your curls can lead to baldness caused by traction alopecia. 

Fortunately, some hair accessories are designed to be gentle on curly hair's unique structure. Accessories in this category play to the strengths of curly hair and offer functionality and style. If your curly hair is in need of accessorizing, you'll enjoy our selection of hair accessories for curly girls that won't damage your strands.

Butterfly clips

Looking to add a touch of '90s nostalgia to your curls? Butterfly hairclips are it! These affordable accessories have made a comeback and for good reason. They are stylish, versatile, and perfect for curly hair because of their small, hinged claw clips that securely hold onto small sections of your hair without causing any damage. In addition, the texture of curly hair makes it easy for these clips to grip onto the strands, providing a secure hold that won't slip or cause tangling. Plus, butterfly clips come in a wide range of colors, so you're sure to find one that matches your mood and outfit.


So how do you style curly hair with butterfly clips? The options are endless! One popular option is to decorate your bun with them, adding a playful touch to a classic hairstyle. Alternatively, you can let your hair down or up (for afro gals) and decorate it whimsically with butterflies. Butterfly hair clips can also be a finishing touch to any hairstyle, adding a creative vibe to your look.

When shopping for butterfly hair clips, check the claw type and size. Clips with larger claws are ideal for curly hair, as they can hold onto the strands without causing tangling or breakage. And with packs of 50 available for less than $7 on Amazon, you can stock up on a rainbow of colors and experiment with different styles.


Jumbo scrunchies

If you're a curly girl, you know the struggle of finding a hair tie that won't strain your roots or damage your curls. Enter the jumbo scrunchie — the perfect accessory for holding your hair in place without sacrificing style. Dating back to the 1980s, jumbo scrunchies are the hair accessory to have on hand all year because they are soft materials and won't damage curly hair.


Unlike traditional hair ties, you can wear a large scrunchie all day without the headaches caused by tight elastics. But the benefits don't stop there. Jumbo scrunchies add volume and style to curly hairstyles without much effort. In addition, scrunchies are versatile enough to work with any hairstyle, whether you prefer high buns or low ponytails. One of our favorite ways to use a large scrunchie is to create a "pineapple" hairstyle.

Simply gather your curls at the top of your head and secure them with a jumbo scrunchie. This lifts your curls from your face while keeping their shape and definition intact. You can also use a large scrunchie to gather part of your curls for a flirty half-up and-down look. Scrunchies come in different colors, so you'll have no problem matching your scrunchie to your outfit. You can get these scrunchies at The Abnormal Life or buy a pack of three for $9 on Amazon.


Hair claws

Make a statement with your curly hair using hair claws as your go-to accessory! These versatile accessories come in various sizes and shapes, making them perfect for various hairstyles. And the best part? They won't damage your curls! When you choose a claw clip that's the right size for your hair, you won't have to worry about tension or losing your curl pattern. You can use hair claws for quick, casual styles like messy buns and low ponytails or more elaborate and formal hairstyles.


For a fancy look, get your curls in a high bun and match your hair color or skin tone to a golden or silver claw. Golden hair claws can really make warm skin tones pop, while silver hair claws look great on cooler skin tones. In addition, you can use the claw clip to secure your curls in a high bun while leaving some curly bangs loose in the front.

Just remember to look for hair claws with smooth edges instead of teeth to avoid tangling or damaging your curls. And while they're great for any occasion, it's best to avoid sleeping in them to prevent tangles. Ready to try out some hair claws? You can find this gorgeous brown set on Shein for just $3..

Adjustable hair ties paired with fancy clips and pins

Adjustable hair ties and fancy clips or pins may seem like basic hair accessories, but when paired together, they create a stylish and versatile combination. For starters, adjustable hair ties are a game-changer for curly hair because they allow you to customize the tension and avoid damaging your curls. Using regular hair ties is one of the ways you're ruining your curly hair


Customizable hair ties also eliminate the need to have hair ties of different sizes for when you want a single ponytail versus when you want two. But why stop at just a hair tie when you can add a touch of glam with fancy clips or pins? Use them to secure your hair in a chic half-up-half-down style or accessorize a messy bun. Hair pins come in many designs, so you'll find one that fits your personality. 

Go for a minimalist look with simple metal pins, or make a statement with jeweled clips. The beauty of this combination is that it's easy to switch up your look without much effort. Start with a simple ponytail or bun, then add a fancy clip or pin to take it to the next level. You can shop for adjustable hair ties on Amazon.


Silk scarves

Silk scarves, oh, how we love thee! Not only are they versatile and affordable, but they're also fantastic for curly hair. Let's dive into some simple hairstyles that require only a silk scarf. Firstly, rectangular silk scarves are perfect for creating scarf bows, which pair beautifully with updo hairstyles. They're also an excellent replacement for hairbands when styling ponytails or pineapple hairstyles. Plus, they can be arranged and manipulated to your heart's content for a unique look. Knot your silk scarf around your ponytail or use it as a headband, especially if you have bangs.


But wait, there's more! Rectangular silk scarves are perfect for laying your edges without using harsh products. Simply use a hair-friendly gel and tie your silk scarf over it. The scarf will reinforce your pattern and absorb any excess gel. You can even use a silk scarf to design your hair bun or tie it around your hat for a summery vibe. And don't forget about the vintage headscarf look — it gives a peek at your lovely curls.

But that's not all — triangular silk scarves are perfect for head wraps for outings or sleep. If you have a large square silk scarf, you can fold it into triangles or rectangles, giving you even more versatility. Warning — once you start with silk scarves, it's hard not to want more! Don't know where to start? Just pick one up and let it speak to you.