Cabana Tops Are The Shirt Of The Summer. Here's How To Style Them Like A Pro

As spring sets in, we're ready for the easy-breezy, lightweight outfits that summertime is sure to bring. One of our favorite wardrobe staples for the upcoming season is something you may not be expecting to see on fashionistas and trendsetters: cabana shirts. A cabana shirt is a lightweight, short-sleeved button-down. At first glance, this shirt style may remind you of what your dad would wear to a summer barbecue, and let's be clear: It is. Yet, this summer, cabana shirts are for all of us. There are so many ways to make cabana tops your own, and not only will it leave you looking on-trend and updated, but it will keep you comfortable and cool all summer long. 


Whether you're pairing it with shorts, pants, skirts, sundresses, or even bathing suits, there's nothing the cabana top can't do. All you need is one lightweight button-down for the summer, and we'll show you just how many perfectly on-trend 'fits you can build around this ultimate summertime staple piece.

Unbuttoned and layered

One of the best ways to wear a cabana shirt is unbuttoned and layered over something form-fitting. We all love to layer, but hot weather and high humidity aren't great environments for adding on extra clothes. This is what makes the cabana top the perfect summer layering piece. It's an alternative to a lightweight jacket or summer cardigan that's extra cool and modern. Leaving it unbuttoned over a bralette or a tight-fitting crop top will give you a sleek silhouette while still having the comfort and effortlessness of a light layer on top. The cabana top is a true style chameleon and can go from classic to edgy with just simple adjustments.


A cabana top is easy and on-trend when worn on fashionistas like Kristen Stewart over a simple white tank with a pair of jeans, but it looks just as elevated when popped on top of your go-to sundress or with a fitted tee and your favorite maxi skirt. It's also a great, casual option for a bathing suit coverup. 

If you love the look of an unbuttoned cabana top as a layering piece but still want waist definition, opt for a cropped option or simply tie it at the bottom. Not only will this give you the perfect balance of a sleek silhouette and easygoing layers, but it will also give you some major coastal cowgirl vibes.

Tucked and classic

While we love cabana tops as a layering piece, they also make for great standalone tops that give off major cool girl vibes. We love the look of this vibrant orange cabana top half-tucked into white pants, and a look like this makes for such an elevated take on jeans and a t-shirt for the summertime. We also love the idea of a cabana top fully tucked into a printed maxi skirt. 


When it comes to rocking this style, one great cabana shirt can be a perfect staple to half or fully tuck into anything from shorts and skirts to overalls or wide-leg pants. And, we'd be lying if we said we didn't love the idea of rocking a cabana shirt in a full, bold floral print that gives us extra dad-at-a-barbecue vibes. Come on — what's summertime for if not for fully embracing that relaxed, ready-to-soak-up-the-sun look?