Why You Shouldn't Hesitate To Use The 'My Best Travel Story' Hinge Prompt

Choosing which Hinge prompts to use in your profile can definitely be a struggle; there are nearly 100 questions to choose from, and you can ultimately only answer three. So, how do you narrow it down? Hinge's Director of Relationship Science Logan Ury explained to Cosmopolitan, "We found that the best profiles really tell a story, they tell us who you are, and they tell us different things about you." Ury emphasized that your pictures and questions are storytelling tools. Basically, you should strategically select the prompts that are going to let the most intriguing parts of you and your life really shine. After all, you only get one first impression, and you want to make it count when you're looking for love.

Fear not: We know that online dating shoulds and should nots can be confusing, but we're here to help. If you're looking for a place to start, the "My best travel story" prompt is an excellent choice. Your answer to that one might just catch someone's attention and kickstart a fun and effortless messaging exchange. 

The best travel story question is a conversation starter

We've all been there — you found someone on the app who's really cute but they either don't have any prompts on their profile, or they wrote vague one-word answers to them. That doesn't exactly make it easy to strike up an exciting conversation, so things often die out quickly or never even begin. No more of that! 

When you answer the "my best travel story" prompt, you give people something interesting to work with. The question allows you to leave enticing details about your juicy tale that will draw people in and leave them wanting more. Think answers like: "My friend and I randomly ran into Timothée Chalamet in Paris and wound up joining his group at a bar for a bit" or "Ask me about the time I lowkey dominated at karaoke, then ended up in the emergency room, but then made a best friend for life in Tokyo."

Make sure to end your answer on a cliffhanger or just hint at a truly wild time, and enjoy the flirtatious results; an initial message like "I absolutely gotta know how it ended in Paris" holds a lot more promise for a conversation than "hey" does.

Answering the prompt helps people get to know you

The prompt can actually reveal a lot about you; even just your teasers about the story tell someone where you've traveled and/or where you want to travel, if you enjoy taking risks and going on adventures, and they might also give suitors a glimpse at your sense of humor. People love hearing about travel adventures because everyone appreciates a great story and a healthy dose of dreamy or wild escapism. You'll have them imagining taking you on a romantic vacation in the future and what that would be like. Not to mention, your answer can help Hinge hopefuls understand how you generally approach life and what some of your values are. 

Are you free-spirited, brave, sarcastic, a caring friend, or a little crazy (in a good way)? What memory exemplifies that best? Your profile is your chance to show off your best traits, so don't rush it if you want it to be effective. Taking the time to craft thoughtful answers that show people who you are and what you want is your best shot at finding the one on Hinge or whatever dating app is right for you