Simple Shaving Hacks For Smoother Legs This Summer

When the temperature outside begins to rise, it's time to ditch the bulky winter clothing and break out the cute spring and breezy summer wardrobe staples. For many, this means rocking shorts or swimsuits and showing off a bit more skin than in months prior. As you might expect, this means some people pay extra attention to their legs, keeping their them moisturized, tanned, and, in many cases, clean shaven. 

While shaving may seem like something instinctive, there is actually a proper way to do it, and it includes more than just raking a razor up and down your limbs. Before shaving, it's key to have a clean, sharp razor. Your legs should be completely wet and you'll want to exfoliate before shaving. This will get rid of the dead skin that can clog your razor and lead to bumps or irritation. Then you need to add a shaving product such as cream or gel so as to soften the hair. Finally, when it's time to shave, make sure to move the razor so that's it going against the hair growth for a closer shave. Once you're done shaving, be sure to clean your razor and legs well and store your razor in a clean, dry place.

But beyond these basics, there are also hacks for creating a smoother shave during those months when your legs are on full display.

Shaving with oil can give your legs a silky-smooth feel

While shaving cream is a go-to for most people looking to shave their legs, there are also alternatives. Some people chose to use a shaving gel or even hair conditioner on their legs in order to moisturize their limbs and make the hair softer and easier to shave away. However, you shouldn't grab regular soap when shaving your legs. "Shaving cream is so important because it helps to soften hairs, making it easier to remove them close to the skin's surface," dermatologist Jennifer Chwalek, MD, tells Cosmopolitan.

One hack for achieving smooth legs may be to ditch shaving products altogether and look toward oils. Using baby oil as shaving cream may help you achieve the glowy look you want as well as offer a close shave. Other oils such as coconut oil will also do the trick and help hydrate your legs. Even if you want to use your regular shaving cream, using something such as olive oil to prime your legs before shaving can help the shave be smoother and prevent irritation and cuts.

Oils can also be helpful if you have sensitive skin that is impacted by shaving creams and gels. Those with sensitive skin can also try using shaving foam targeted toward men to achieve the ultimate smooth look.

Your after-shaving routine matters

Achieving smooth and beautiful legs after shaving doesn't just happen while we're in the shower. After shaving, it's important to take the proper steps toward getting that silky look and feel you want. One way to do this is to exfoliate again after you shave. You may want to also use products that include beta hydroxy acid to help get rid of any dead skin cells. Using retinol will be key in combating any razor burn, bumps, or irritation that can form on newly-shaven areas.

After your shower is done and your legs are shaved, be sure to pat them dry with a clean towel and use lotion to moisturize them. This will keep your legs hydrated and allow them to feel smoother for a longer period of time. However, other products, such as a body cream, can be used while the skin is still a bit damp to lock in even more moisture. "The skin on our legs is more susceptible to becoming dry, rough, and cracked [than the rest of our bodies]," Dr. Jennifer Chwalek reveals to Cosmopolitan, adding that shea butter, ceramides, and lanolin are great ingredients to look for when using body cream.

So this summer, look to switch up your shaving routine and reap all of the benefits of enjoying smooth and hydrated legs while feeling confident in your shorts and bathing suits.