'Nontouring' Is The No-Fuss Hack For Achieving A Glow

Contouring is arguably one of the more challenging makeup moves to conquer. The idea is to highlight your face's definition or sculpt some dimension by using products to create shadows and highlights. It sounds simple enough, but it's easier said than done. In order to master the art of contouring, you need to have a good idea of muscular structure and predict how you'll look in certain types of lighting and on camera.

Terri Bryant, a makeup expert, told The New York Times she recommends tackling the cheeks first and then working your way out from there. "It's a larger area to work with and a good place to hone your blending skills," she explained, adding that you should start by highlighting your cheekbones before jumping into the complicated task of contouring. "To contour, apply a matte shade, no more than one or two shades deeper than your natural skin tone, in the hollow area just under the cheekbone," she said.

If you don't want to spend hours watching YouTube and TikTok tutorials to master the craft, we have good news for you. It's not 2014 anymore, so a cakey, ultra-sculpted look is out. The new trend is sweeping social media "nontouring," and it takes all the guesswork out of the contour.

Nontouring isn't for everyone

Unlike contouring, "nontouring" isn't about looking camera ready all the time. Rather than a heavily made-up look, the goal is to look like you just rolled out of bed, splashed some water on your face, and happened to have perfect skin. Whereas traditional contouring demands a matte look, nontouring is all about a dewy, natural glow. "The key here is the skin more than the contouring. Keep the skin dewy and fresh-looking," said Fiona Stiles, a celebrity makeup artist who spoke to Allure about the trend.

Nontouring, which elevates your natural look, may not be for everyone. It's perfect for days when you want a more effortless vibe, but because it relies on minimal makeup, it might not be the best move for someone with acne or skin problems they may want to cover up. Using a heavy foundation or concealer would defeat the purpose of nontouring as you'd already be applying a lot of makeup. Additionally, nontouring only gives you a chiseled look that contouring does if your cheekbones are already poppin'. If you want to create the illusion of sharp cheekbones, a chiseled jaw, or a prominent brow but aren't blessed with those attributes, then nontouring may not be for you.

The process of nontouring

So, once you've decided you want a natural, glowy look or that your cheeks are already skyscraper high and you don't need to bother with bronzer, it's time to nontour. "Nontouring is all about the skin, where you use highlights to accentuate features of the face, thus bringing more structure to the face without using a contour product," Katie Mellinger, a seasoned makeup artist, told Byrdie.

Before you start applying makeup, experts recommend using a gua-sha or facial massager for lymphatic drainage, thus making your skin a little more glowy and contoured without the use of bronzer. "For nontouring, you want the skin to look as natural as possible," Mellinger explained. Once you've given your complexion a little love, it's time for makeup. Forget your bronzer and start the nontouring process by figuring out which parts of your face are the most prominent (usually the cheekbones, sides of the brow, tip of the nose, or chin).

Finally, apply a light, shimmery highlighter to the prominent areas of your face and blend well. You should be left with a dewy glow, creating the illusion of perfect bone structure with half the work of traditional contouring.