Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Health Test, You Must Be A Nurse


Calling all nurses!

Take this quiz to find out how just much you really know about health and the anatomy of the human body!

 Oct 11, 2018
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How long does acute pain usually last?
A long time
A little while
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What is average body temperature?
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Which of the following is a symptom of alopecia?
Hair loss
Weight gain
Mood swings
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If a patient is "ambulatory", it means that they are...
Able to walk
Able to breathe
Able to talk
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Which is associated with Alzheimer's disease?
Appetite loss
Memory loss
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What kind of medicines treat allergies?
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If somebody is a celiac, what can they NOT eat?
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Where is the aortic valve located in the body?
The brain
The lungs
The heart
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What bodily function does bile assist in?
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Which of these is a symptom of colic?
Red eyes
Itchy skin
Abdominal pain
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Crohn’s Disease affects which bodily system?
The respiratory system
The reproductive system
The digetsive system
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What is the disease which causes the body to stop properly producing insulin?
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Which is the medical term for lack of energy?
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Which of the following is NOT considered a vital sign?
Reaction time
Body temperature
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If somebody is lactose-intolerant, which of these foods can they NOT eat?
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What is swimmer's ear?
A hearing type
An infection
A heart worm
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What is the largest human external organ?
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