15 Instagram Captions for Your Amazing Safari Vacation

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Safari time!

Safari Instagram Captions

You'll bless the rains down in Africa with these Safari Instagram captions! If you're traveling to Africa or going on a safari elsewhere, you'll want to take these captions with you for safety. Enjoy all the animal kingdom has to offer!

• Safari good time!

• This safari is not kitten around

• Your koalafications are completely irrelephant

• OoooooOoOo moves like jaguar

• Sorry for lion to you like that

• I bless the rains down in Afrrrrrica

• What browser do I use? Safari.

• "Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye... it also includes the inner pictures of the soul" - Edward Munch

• "The love of all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man" - Charles Darwin

• "In the jungle, the lion sleeps tonight" - The Tokens

• "He could tell by the way the animals walked that they were keeping time to some kind of music. Maybe it was the song their hearts that they walked to" - Laura Adams Armer

• "I hope you have an experience that alters the course of your life" - Suzanne Evans

• "Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance" - The Lion King

• "I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy." - Ernest Hemingway