The Best Instagram Captions for European Landmarks

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Oh, the places you will go!

Instagram Captions for European Landmarks

Going to Europe? Pack light, visit the right places, and buy an electrical converter because you have to charge your phone or camera. Whether you're going to Paris, Athens, or Rome, you'll be using her phone constantly. Get good pictures so you can show your friends, family, and coworkers back at home! And don't worry about Instagram captions either! We came up with some good ones, so enjoy all those European landmarks.

Paris Landmarks for Instagram Captions

• Pardon my French

• Paris, I louvre you

• Hooked on this city (Love Locks)

• Eiffel in love with this city

Italy Landmarks for Instagram Captions

• When in Rome…

• Just Roman around

• All roads lead to Rome

• Rome, you've stolen a pizza my heart

• When the moon hits your eyes, like a big pizza pie, that's amore

• Home, sweet Rome

• I call em like I see em (Colosseum)

• Love the aroma here

• Wishing for you (Trevi Fountain)

London Landmarks for Instagram Captions

• London is calling

• Feeling like the Queen

• Mind the gap

• LO've'NDON

• Channeling my inner Spice Girl

• 50 shades of Earl Grey

• Where has this Ben all my life? (Big Ben)

• Having a bit of a bad HEIR day

Greece Landmarks for Instagram Captions

• What Athens at the Parthenon, stays at the Parthenon

• What Athens in Greece, stays in Greece

• Athena, where ya at?

• Never apollogize for your bad puns about Greek gods

• You hate bad puns? My apollo-gees

• No mountain can RUIN this friendship (ruins photos)

• Mamma Mia didn't prepare me for this

• Paradise found

• Been cheesin in Greece, yall feta watch out

• Which why does a cyclops wing their eyeliner?

• Not geeking out, just greeking out

Prague Landmarks for Instagram Captions

• Czech out this view

• No Prague-lems here

• Czeching it all out

• Czeching that off the bucket list

• All sunny days here, no fog in Prague


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Portugal Landmarks for Instagram Captions

• Alfama be kidding me!

• Lift me up Lisbon!

• This must be the Belém the place

• Port! You Gal!

• I have jokes and I could tell you a bunch but who would Lisbon?

• There are so many birds, excuse me I meant, portugeese!