These 15 Quotes From Princess Diana Will Make Your Heart SOAR!

Call me Diana, not Princess Diana.

Princess Diana, Princess of Wales while married to Prince Charles, was one of the most adored members of the British royal family. She was called the "people's princess"

Princess Diana died in a 1997 car crash and thousands turned out at her funeral procession to pay tribute. She was truly the "world's most photographed woman," ironically the ultimate cause of her death at the young age of 36.

But why was Diana so popular?

Humanitarian work played an important part in the Princess' life, both at home and abroad. She took on unpopular but important causes such as AIDS and the global abolition of landmines. But, Diana surely wasn't the only member of the royal family to take on such humanitarian causes.

What set Princess Diana apart, what made her a truly exceptional human being and role model for women, was her genuine warmth and LOVE of people.

She knew how to talk to people, how to make every single person she encountered feel special. Not because she HAD to, but because she WANTED to. Her short but difficult life bred sensitivity and empathy from a modern world full of lonely people. As a close personal friend of Diana's, actress Elizabeth Taylor, once said, "She was the world's princess."

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