The Real Way We Should Be Responding To Kim K's Robbery

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Dear internet trolls, this scary experience is NOT a joke.

In case you haven't heard, famous celeb and pop culture queen Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed in her Paris hotel room Sunday night.

And while the whole Kardashian family and fans are pretty shocked by this news, there are a few, let's say "insensitive" people out there who are using this tragic experience to get clicks, retweets, and recognition.

In one instance, the NRA used this experience to make a statement about guns. Because all we need it to take a tragic experience, and push an agenda about gun laws. Nice

Some celebs and fans of the family are reacting to this terrible news in their own way, speaking out against the act of "trolling," or using this specific incident to push their own agenda. Chrissy Teigen, model and friend of the Kardashian's, spoke on twitter herself, in an effort to put these trolls in their place.

So, to all the internet trolls out there using this experience for glory or their own personal "fame" we would like to kindly ask you to STFU. We really need to just learn to respond with kindness, empathy, and understanding in instances of tragedy.

To sum up: Only respond to tragic news like you would if this was a good friend of yours.

I'd just like to leave you with some thoughts from another famous celeb, Jame Corden.

Amen 🙌🏽 🙌🏽 🙌🏽 🙌🏽