How To Post To Facebook From Instagram 2017

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How To Post To Facebook From Instagram 2017 in a flash.

If you've wondered how to post to Facebook from Instagram, then you are definitely not alone. How to post to Facebook from Instagram is easier than you might think. You just need to know the phone you want to use and then it is really easy to post to Facebook from Instagram. And let's be honest, with all of these different ways to use social media it can be really annoying to have to keep uploading things over and over. Finding easier and automated ways to share your posts between platforms can be a total lifesaver.

Because sharing photos with everyone is great— and the changes are you have some friends who are all about Facebook while others only use Instagram. Everyone has their own own preferences. So you want to find an easy way to keep everyone up to date without constantly having to upload new posts. Luckily, there are shortcuts you can take to make all of this sharing easier. And then you can just upload once and then share and share away.

In fact, it's way quicker than you might think. All you have to do is set up your accounts to make sharing easier— then most of the work is done. Here's how it works:

To Post To Facebook From Instagram First Link Your Accounts

The first thing you need to do is to link the two accounts. The Instagram help page spells out how to do this:

Go to your profile and tap (iPhone) or (Android) in the top right Scroll down and tap Linked Accounts Tap Facebook and enter your Facebook login info

See? Not so hard. Once you have the accounts link if you want to share Instagram photos to Facebook or post Instagram posts on Facebook it will be way easier.

Posting To Facebook From Instagram Is Easy Once You're Linked

Once you've linked the two accounts, then sharing your Instagram posts to Facebook is really easy. When you want to share photos to your friends or to boost your self confidence it's really simple to share. When you create a post, you'll be given the option to share on Facebook. And, if want to share old photos, just click on the three dots to edit and then click share! Done and done.

So whether you're a Facebook addict or an Instagram sensation, it's actually super quick to post to Facebook from Instagram 2017. We're way past having to scroll around and drive ourselves nuts trying to find a way to repost and re-upload. Instead, just link your accounts and then enjoying being able to seamlessly share from one to the other. It's way easier than it sounds.

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