Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This Test If You're An ER Nurse

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Do you have what it takes to be an ER nurse!?

Answer all these questions about medical information and nursing to see if you could make it as a nurse in the ER!

 Sep 12, 2017

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Who evaluates a patient's condition, and then gives the order for them to be admitted into the ER?
Front desk personnel
The chief surgeon
The triage nurse

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Which of the following is the largest artery in the body?

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What liquid makes up the majority of the human brain?

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Which muscle controls the breathing process?

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What is a code brown?
What happens when a patient doesn't make it to the bathroom in time
When there is a weather related disaster nearby
When there is an overwhelming number of patients in the ER at one time

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Which of the following is a vital sign?
Lung capacity
Pulse rate
Eye dilation

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What does IV stand for?
In the vein

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"Cardi" is anything relating to the _______.

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Who do ER nurses work alongside?

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Which of these fluids can be found in an IV?

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What is another name for an ER nurse?
Urgent nurse
Quick nurse
Trauma nurse

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What does a defibrillator do?
It monitors heart rate
It is used when someone has trouble breathing
It delivers a shock to the heart

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Which type of degree is a nurse required to have?
Doctoral Degree
Master's degree
Bachelor's Degree

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What happens if something becomes inflamed?
It is numb
It becomes red and swollen
It becomes cold and clammy

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Which of the following is a typical responsibility of an ER nurse?
Maintain the incoming client database
Perform surgery
Manage unstable patients
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