Quiz: If You Get 10/15 On This Test, You Grew Up With A Catholic Abuela

Tienes hambre?

 Jan 09, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick one!

When your grandmother says: “¡Ave María Purísima!” What does she really mean?
She's in total shock of whatever action took place.
She wants you to pray to Mary for all your wrongdoings.
Mary is her favorite saint.

Question: 2/15Pick one!

Which of the following would your abuela say about future happenings?
“Si dios nos da licencia”
“Se te va a derramar la bilis”
¡Ave María Purísima!

Question: 3/15Pick one!

When things go astray, who would your abuela light a candle to?
The Virgin of Guadalupe
Saint Anthony
Saint Agnes

Question: 4/15Pick one!

Which patron Saint do you pray to for lost items?
Saint Joseph
Saint Francis
Saint Anthony

Question: 5/15Pick one!

Translate: Dios rogando y con el mazodando.
If it's God's will, then it will
God helps those who help themselves
In God we trust

Question: 6/15Pick one!

When do you observe Día de los Muertos?
November 2
November 1
October 31

Question: 7/15Pick one!

What are Las Pastorelas?
A play that retells the story of Christmas
Prayers for the departed
A group of priests

Question: 8/15Pick one!

When do you celebrate El Dia de las Luces?
December 7
September 8
April 15

Question: 9/15Pick one!

As a kid, to whom did you send your Christmas letters?
Mother Mary
Baby Jesus
Santa Claus

Question: 10/15Pick one!

When did Christmas dinner take place?
Christmas morning
On Three Kings Day
12:00 AM on Christmas

Question: 11/15Pick one!

Most abuelas have the _____ in their dining room.
Portrait of the Last Supper
Shrine of the Virgin Mary
Nativity scene

Question: 12/15Pick one!

What is Cuaresma?
New Year's Eve

Question: 13/15Pick one!

When did you receive your Christmas gifts?
Three Kings Day
Day after Christmas
New Year's Day

Question: 14/15Pick one!

Novenas go on for ____ days.

Question: 15/15Pick one!

During Semana Santa, what should you refrain from eating?
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