Here's Some Ultimate #Shelfie Inspo For Redecorating Your Book Shelf

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Revamp your bookshelves with these shelfie ideas!

Redo Your Bookshelves!

There's something all readers have in common: bookshelves! Some folks like their bookshelves plain to display their books in all their glory while others prefer to jazz their shelves up.

However you like your shelves to look is totally valid. But if you're looking for a bit of bookshelf inspiration, look no further than this article! There are tons of amazing ideas you can use in your own home to give your shelves a makeover.

Oh, and don't forget to take a #shelfie!

Be creative about what you use as a shelf!

Make use of any crates you have around the house.

Put shelves along the ceiling!

Use interestingly shaped shelves!

Add a few plants for decoration.

Make your reading nook cozy!

Use different sized shelves to create visual interest.

Turn your books into a rainbow!

Make use of your corners.

Decorate with a cat - jk!

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