28 Ocean's 8 Instagram Captions

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The best Instagram captions for Ocean's 8!


28 Ocean's 8 Instagram Captions

We've been looking forward to Ocean's 8 since they first announced it! While we wait in anticipation for the movie to hit theaters, we've created a list of 28 Ocean's 8 Instagram captions for folks to use in anticipation for the movie!

With an incredible all-star cast consisting of Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Awkwafina, and Helena Bonham Carter, Ocean's 8 is all set to one of the summer's biggest blockbusters. Especially for women and girls that want to see a healthy dose of women kicking ass and taking names, which is unfortunately a rarity in the film industry. But hopefully movies like Ocean's 8 will help change that.

Read through the list of quotes and statements for you to use in your Ocean's 8 Instagram captions.


1."We're celebrating eight distinct women from eight distinct backgrounds, and this is what the world looks like, not just what Hollywood has made the world look like." -Gary Ross, director

2.So refreshing to be able to watch a movie that actually passes the Bechdel test, and with flying colors!

3.I haven't seen Ocean's 8 yet but I already know it's better than 11, 12, and 13!

4.Watching a movie with women working together for a common good gives me life.

5.Ok, so I've already seen Ocean's 8 once, but does anyone else want to see it with me again?

6.We better get at least as many Ocean's 8 movies as Ocean's 11 movies.

7.Haven't been this excited for a movie since the new Ghostbusters came out!


8.It's exciting to be able to watch a movie with such a diverse cast, including three women of color and a lesbian.

9.Don't worry, Mom, I'm not getting any ideas!

10."Any woman - or human being - knows that women are funny, smart, nuanced, and sometimes contradictory, and it's crazy, but we have to start seeing characters like that." -Olivia Minch, co-screenwriter

11.Is it too soon to declare that I've fallen in love with each of the 8?

12.I can't wait for girls' night this weekend. We're all going to see Ocean's 8 together!

13.Not sure which of the 8 I love most, but dang, they're all so amazing!

14."Diversity and inclusion should not be based upon the success of one movie. If these films don't do whatever we think it's supposed to do, it doesn't mean more movies shouldn't be made." -Awkwafina


15.The haters are all going to be be crying because this movie is A+!

16.""Online, there are people who haven't seen it and want it to fail .People were spreading rumors that we were fighting. That is a sign that there are people who haven't changed their mind about how they think Hollywood should be." -Awkwafina

17.I don't know which of the 8 I want to dress up as for Halloween more.

18.Counting down the days until the DVD comes out and I can watch it on repeat.

19.There better be a extra on the DVD that's all about the Ocean's 8 fashion because it is incredible.

20."You can't underestimate the power of visual representation. We're not telling young women to go live a life of crime, but to go out and do what you want. There's room for all of you." -Anne Hathaway

21.If I start wearing sunglasses, maybe people will think I'm cool too.


22."I realized that there had been a lot of male versions of this but never this kind of kick-butt ensemble of women." -Gary Ross, director

23.I'm not kidding when I say I've waited my entire life for this movie.

24.Those jewels in Ocean's 8 could pay of student loan debt, along with my entire graduating class.

25.If the Ocean's 8 ladies can get away with stealing a $150 dollar necklace, then I can pass my finals!

26.So this movie better end up on Netflix or Hulu or I'll cry.

27.Why is the media trying to pit the actresses against each other? They're all accomplished and amazing in their own right.

28.I think I'm contemplating a career change now. Just kidding, I'm too clumsy to get away with anything.