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Julia Quinn Books

If you're a fan of historical romance, there's a good chance you're familiar with the name Julia Quinn, author of fantastic series such as the Briderton Series, the Rokesby Series, and the Smyth-Smith Series. The Bridgerton Series is even being developed into a Netflix show by Shondaland!

Julia Quinn novels are some of the most feminist and fun historical romances around. She takes care to use 21st century ideals in historical settings to depict healthy relationships, something we always need more of on TV. Just because a romance book is set in the past doesn't mean it has to be filled with sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination. It's fiction after all, and [Julia Quinn does such a wonderful job making her work accessible to readers.

Keep reading to discover a few of our favorite Julia Quinn novels, all great places to begin if you're unfamiliar with her work and interested in giving it a shot!

1. Because of Miss Bridgerton

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Pretty much everyone thinks it's a given Billie Bridgerton will marry a Rokesby boy. For centuries, the two families have been neighbors, and Billie was great friends with both Edward and Andrew as a child.

Billie has never been able to stand George Rokesby, the eldest brother. George is both annoying and arrogant, and it doesn't help George doesn't seem to like Billie very much. Which is well enough because Billie dislikes him too. Right?

Fate has other plans and throws them together. Sparks fly between Billie and George, and it turns out the person they each could do without is the person they can't live without.

2. The Sum of All Kisses

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Three years ago, Hugh Prentice was in a duel that destroyed Sarah Pleinsworth's family. The duel even made her cousin flee. Because of it, Sarah will never forgive Hugh.

The duel had an impact on Hugh too, badly injuring his leg. Hugh finds he doesn't much care if Sarah remains angry with him because she's dramatic and intolerable.

They they're forced to spend an entire week together, and things take an unexpected turn. Between the mutual passion that arises between them and the kisses they exchange, both Sarah and Hugh find that maybe they were wrong about the other all along.

3. The Duke and I

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Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton seem like the perfect couple, on the cusp of getting engaged. No one knows their relationship is just a sham to get them both what they want. An eligible bachelor, all the society mamas are keen to marry their daughters off to a duke while Simon just wants to be free from the drama. Daphne, on the other hand, is nearing old maid status and knows that if a duke finds her desirable, other suitors will too.

The problem is, the more Daphne goes out with Simon, the harder she finds it to remember their relationship is fake. Before she knows it, she's falling for him. Will she be able to convince Simon their fake relationship deserves the chance to become real?

4. To Sir Phillip, With Love

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When Sir Phillip proposed marriage to spinster Eloise Bridgerton, he assumed she would be a homely and unassuming woman desperate to wed. Eloise turns up at his door and is anything but. She's beautiful and talkative and Phillip wants nothing more than to kiss her.

Sir Phillip has another think coming if he assumes Eloise will marry someone she's never even met! But the more she thinks about it, the more she wonders about it. On a whim, Eloise hires a carriage to Sir Phillips home, hoping he just might be the perfect match for her.

Only, he's not. Phillip is handsome, but he's also moody and has no manners. Eloise always dreamed of marrying a London gentleman. But then she gets to know Phillip a little more and he kisses her, and Eloise wonders if she was was perhaps wrong about him.

5. Ten Things I Love About You

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After arriving in London for her first season, Annabel Winslow is in a bind. The Earl of Newbury, an old and brutish man of at least 75, has taken it upon himself to court Annabel. Annabel would rather eat her own shoe than marry him, but what choice does she have? Her father recently passed and her mother and seven sibling are soon to be destitute.

Annabel meets Sebastian Grey, the Earl of Newbury's nephew, during a party in the countryside, and her head begins to spin. Not only is she be being courted by the Earl, but suddenly charming Sebastian begins to court her too. If she follows her heart, it leads her to Sebastian, but marrying the Earl puts food on her family's table and allows Annabel's brothers to stay in school. What is Annabel to do?

6. An Offer From a Gentleman

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Somehow, Sophie Beckett is able to sneak into Lady Bridgerton's famed masquerade ball and finds her Prince Charming, Benedict Bridgerton, waiting for her! Sophie may be the daughter of an earl, but her awful stepmother has forced her into the role of household servant. Dancing with Benedict, Sophie feels alive again, though she knows that it all must end when the clock strikes midnight.

Benedict hasn't been able to get his mind off the beautiful woman in silver he met at the masquerade. He meets a housemaid that seems oddly familiar to him and wishes to rescue her from her situation, though he swore he would marry the mystery woman. But there's something about this beautiful maid that has Benedict falling for her.

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