Quiz: Do You Know The Meaning Of These 24 Southern Baptist Words? 90% Fail.

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Everything you should know if you were raised in a Southern Baptist church.

Are you one of the few that pass this ultimate Southern Baptist Words quiz? We believe in you! Take it to find out!

 Dec 26, 2017
1 of 24Pick your answer!
Who is the "Redeemer"?
Jesus Christ
2 of 24Pick your answer!
______ is an immoral act.
3 of 24Pick your answer!
Sunday is known as _________.
Jesus' birthday
A holiday
The Lord's day
4 of 24Pick your answer!
What is the "Gospel"?
Matthew, Mark, John, and Paul
The first four books of the New Testament
5 of 24Pick your answer!
The 10 Commandments are ________.
beneficial laws
good news
a band
6 of 24Pick your answer
Advent refers to which religious holiday?
7 of 24Pick your answer!
Who leads church?
The Pastor
A Priest
A Deacon
8 of 24Pick your answer!
What is another term for the Lord’s Supper?
First Meal
Holy Food
9 of 24Pick your answer!
_______ is spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.
10 of 24Pick your answer!
The word "Gospel" literally means...
Good News
Sunday School
Holy Word
11 of 24Pick your answer!
The Trinity is another term for ______.
Pastor, Deacon, and Choir
12 of 24Pick your answer!
What term describes being submerged in water?
13 of 24Pick your answer!
There are 66 books in the ________.
Hymn book
Ark of the Covenant
14 of 24Pick your answer!
What is a disciple?
A follower of Jesus
A monk
A prayer
15 of 24Pick your answer!
Redemption is another word for ________.
Soul searching
16 of 24Pick your answer!
A Sacrament is a/an _________.
17 of 24Pick your answer!
What is the Second Coming?
Jesus' return to life after his crucifixion
The idea that Jesus Christ will return again
The second church service on Sunday's
18 of 24Pick your answer!
What does "Grace" mean?
Being a good person
Unmerited favor of God
God's people
19 of 24Pick your answer!
December 25th is known as ________
Jesus' birthday
the coldest day of the year
20 of 24Pick your answer!
Who was John the Baptist?
Jesus' dad
A prophet
Jesus' brother
21 of 24Pick your answer!
What is the first line of the Lord's Prayer?
Hail Mary, full of grace
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name
I promise myself to thee, our Father
22 of 24Pick your answer!
What are "hymns"?
Games played in Sunday school
Spiritual songs
Members of the choir
23 of 24Pick your answer!
Holy Communion is also known as what?
Holy Scripture
The Eucharist
24 of 24Pick your answer!
Who are the four gospels?
Joseph, Jeremiah, Simon, Jude
Judas, Peter, Mark, John
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
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