The Best "Riverdale" Season 1 Quotes


The Best "Riverdale" Season 1 Quotes

The Best "Riverdale" Season 1 Quotes

Riverdale is quickly becoming our favorite show. I remember reading those comics in the grocery store aisles, as my mom was wondering where the heck I went. So here are our favorite Riverdale season 1 quotes.

1. Go Archie!!

Kevin: Oh my God! Betty: What? Kevin: Game changer - Archie got hot! He's got abs now. Six more reasons for you to take that ginger bull by the horns tonight.

2. We are all you Veronica

Veronica: I'm filled with dread. Archie: Why's that? Veronica: Are you familiar with the works of Truman Capote? I'm "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but this place is strictly "In Cold Blood."

3. Ow OW Betty...!

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"Color me impressed. A B&E with B&V. What would your Holy Roller mother say about this, Betty?"

4. I learned EVERYTHING from Nany Drew

"I learned that from the Nancy Drew detective handbook."

5. Listen Up Moose..

"Listen Moose, you're hot. Yes. My type? Definitely. But you've got more demons than The Exorcist. We are all on the spectrum but my gay-o-meter says you should stick with what you know best… girls."

6. Been there, done that

"Please…I've had my seven minutes of heaven with Archie Andrews."

7. Their hair is full of secrets..

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"Betty…if your parents lied about Jason and Polly, there's probably more they lied about."